Life Coach Training FAQs

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is the process of coming alongside a client seeking to make a change and helping them discover the solution through asking thought-provoking, open-end questions. The key in coaching is to encourage the client to solve the problem for themselves because in the “ah-ah” moment is the secret to change. Coaches don’t tell clients what to do but walk with them in the solution-focused journey. As Christians, this process is bathed in prayer and in heeding the Holy Spirit’s leading.

What’s the difference between coaching, counseling, consulting, and mentoring?

A life coach is like an architect, helping a client decide what they want to build or renovate. A counselor is like an archeologist, looking into the past and under the service to figure out what places need healing or rebuilding. A person struggling with wounds from the past, addictions, abuse, or traumatic life experiences should see a counselor before connecting with a coach. A consultant offers a professional or expert opinion with advice as to how to move forward. A mentor is someone who comes alongside to teach and train in a particular skill set or ability while offering ongoing encouragement.

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How does the course take place? Where does it happen? And when?

The course takes place online for 1 hour per week for 10 sessions. The classes are live and you will have the chance to interact with me and other students via the dial-in feature, either through your computer or by phone, while viewing the online slide presentation.  Each week, there is about 2 to 3 hours of homework. Starting after week 3, practice coaching begins, and you will be required to turn in two written scenarios for evaluation.

Who wrote the curriculum for the course and what will I learn?

The course was developed by Life Breakthrough Academy. They set the fees, provide the curriculum, offer you access to the course website, and issue your certification. As a course instructor, I am an affiliate of Life Breakthrough.

You will learn how to use thought-provoking, open-end questions as you work with clients seeking solutions for their current challenges or as they pursue their dreams. You’ll learn how to listen well and not get in the way of God as He seeks to lead and guide a person. You will also learn how to recognize an ideal client and how to work with a difficult client. You’ll discover how to see the impact of core values and core beliefs. And you’ll pinpoint the steps of change as well as the key phases of life coaching. 

Is this a Christian course?

The course is rooted in Biblical principles and a Christian worldview.

Can I take this course for personal development only?

Absolutely! The content in the course will feel like a combination of a college-level psychology course combined with a heart-focused Bible study. You’ll be challenged to consider your own life personally and how you engage with others. The skill you’ll gain by learning how to ask good questions and listen attentively will most definitely impact all your relationships and improve your communication skills.

How do I get certified? Will it be recognized by ICF?

You will receive your certification from Life Breakthrough Academy after completing the course, submitting your two practice coaching scenarios, and taking the final exam. This course and certification are intentionally not affiliated with ICF, as the founders of Life Breakthrough felt the worldview of ICF was in conflict with their biblical worldview and that is why they began Life Breakthrough.

What if I need to miss a class? Or change my mind about the course?

It is expected that unforeseen circumstances may arise in which you need to miss a class. You can still receive your certification if you are present for 9 of the 10 sessions. If you reach a point in which you feel you must withdraw from the course, you may pick it up again at a future time, beginning with the session you left off or starting at session one. There are no refunds after completing the first session.

I want to start my own business after I get certified. Will you help me be equipped to market and start my business?

The last session of the course emphasizes what you need to consider to start your business. I will point out resources and ideas throughout the course. However, the launching of your business is really is up to you. I’m available to work with you as your coach utilizing the Kaleo Program or the Coach2Coach Partnership to help you get started, too.

Will I be connected to other coaches after I get my certification? 

Once you have your certification with Life Breakthrough, you’ll have access to the other coaches via the Biblical Coaching Alliance. The students in my courses tend to stay connected after the course is completed — a friendship often develops through the group course experience. You can also join the Coach Connection Network to connect with other coaches and receive ongoing practical support and encouragement.

Will there be an opportunity to continue education, if I feel I need it?

Life Breakthrough offers additional coach training, however, further education is not needed to launch as a coach. 

Do I need to be insured as a life coach or formally start a business?

It’s quite simple when it comes to insurance — simply contact your insurance agent to discuss options. In terms of setting up a business, you’ll need to connect with an accountant to decide if you want to create an LLC., S-Corp, or DBA.  The course doesn’t tell you which one to do. There are no other requirements to be a practicing life coach. It is considered consulting in most states. 

How do you get clients?

Finding clients can be as natural as word of mouth or more formal with establishing a brand identity, website, social media presence, etc. It’s really up to you, depending on how fast you want to grow your coaching business.

Where do you meet with clients?

You can meet in person, over the phone, via Skype, or through a platform like It’s really up to you and your client. My preference is using Uberconference because I can record a session and focus on note-taking, without the distraction of being in a coffee shop or busy restaurant.

How much can I make as a coach? Can I do it as a ministry?

You make a career out of coaching by finding clients and charging session fees. A session is usually 45 minutes to an hour, and you usually meet with a client every 2 weeks initially and then every 3 to 4 weeks once you get going for a total of 4 to 8 sessions over the course of six months. The fee is determined by you and it’s based on the going rate for your client base and economic climate. You can certainly coach with a ministry mindset, either using a sliding scale or providing the service for free.

When can I start my training?

Well, let me ask you: When would you want to start? I’m happy to begin a course that fits around your timetable as long as I can plug it into my schedule. Just use the contact form below to connect with me. I’ll be in touch within 2 business days!

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