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The perfect beautiful outside does not make us perfect.

Beautiful Inside and Out

The perfect cake . . .  or is it? A friend recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary. Following tradition, she and her husband had frozen the top layer of their wedding cake to eat on their anniversary. They pulled the cake out of the freezer and admired the beautiful swirls of frosting preserved in perfection. But when they cut into the cake, the interior was green instead of snowy white. Something had gone wrong over the last year, and the cake was ruined. It appeared perfect on the outside, but in reality was imperfect on the inside. [Tweet “The perfect,…

Letting Go of Control in Seasons of Change

I am in a season of a lot of change. It seems like every time I turn around something has changed, or is about to change. At the start of this season, my heart didn’t like this change very much. I started to get pretty anxious about it. I remember previous seasons of change; going from high school to college, from college to living on my own in a state far from my home, from singleness to marriage, etc. Although all of these seasons were welcomed ones, I remember times of great anxiety over the change that was surrounding me. The other…

{WFW} Thinking About Being Someone New

The year is winding down. Looking back is sometimes uncomfortable. But it can also be an opportunity to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, and what you’d like to do differently. Looking forward is sometimes hopeful. But it can also be filled with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. How do you feel about 2012 wrapping up? What are your hopes for 2013? I’m sharing a little bit about this over at the Internet Cafe Devotions, especially in light of what it would mean to live as someone new, ditching those old habits that reflect anything but Christ dwelling in us.  Come…

Do You Use the S Word?

  I have to ask.  Do you use the S word? Trust me, I’m not going potty mouth here.  I simply want to know if you use your sword? Because your sword is what you, as a female, seriously need to get your hands on if you’re going to be properly equipped for each and every day. It is the one weapon that will enable you to battle against your daily struggle of insecurity, fear, worry, anxiety, and inadequacy. Based on what I hear from more and more women and teen girls, we are in a full-out war against the…

{Write It Girl} What do I know, God?

The fretting began early in the morning, soon as my eyes peered open. Oh, Lord!  What will happen tonight?  What girls will show up for ETC.?  Lord, maybe this new schedule  isn’t working.  But what are our options?  Lord! Plenty of distractions consumed my afternoon, laying the obsessing aside until dinner time.  I subtly checked the sign in book, disappointed to learn only one girl signed the sheet.  I was even more certain that no one was coming.  There I would be, with a living room filled with my ministry co-labors, and even my personal friend to share her story,…


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