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{Write It Girl} iThink. iPray. iWrite.

Writing, for me, is about expressing my voice in a way that gives God space and time to teach my soul His truth. I write because that is how… iThink… about the definition of a beautiful woman and how to encourage women of every age to know their true identity … Writing is how I commune with God to get a handle on my emotions in the face of reality.  Words reflect what I think, giving me the opportunity to bring core lies against His truth.  It is the active process of taking captive thoughts and making them obedient to…

Can you be too young to be in love?

Young and in love.  Either we’ve been there and done that, or we are anxiously awaiting our turn to come.   It is almost every little girl’s dream to grow up, find their prince charming, experience their first kiss and have their foot pop up (think Princess Diaries), as she breathlessly declares, “I’m in love!” But when exactly is the right time to have a long awaited first love relationship? Is there a perfect age to be young and in love?  And should a young and in love couple seriously consider marriage?  What are the qualifications for getting married, especially at…

Q&A: real questions. asked by real teens. with real answers. shared by real women.

We Have Real Answers to Real Questions Whether you are a teen searching for answers to a very real questions, or a mentor or mom seeking wisdom on how to respond to a teen in need, you’ll find our collection of Qu0026amp;As to be an invaluable resource. All the Qu0026amp;As found at More to Be have been penned by real teen girls desperately seeking real answers to the challenges they face every day — challenges that you often face, too.  In the safe-haven of ETC gatherings, these questions were submitted on index cards and answered right on the spot by…

How far physically are we allowed to go?

How far physically are we allowed to go?   I remember this was the first thing I wanted to know after becoming saved. I wanted my next relationship to be right in God’s eyes. I began by using the concordance in my new Bible to find some answers, but none seemed to give me a clear direction. I could find verses about sex, but what about kissing? Holding hands? And all the other things we know about that include keeping clothes on and taking them off, without actually having sex? Much time has passed since I first searched my Bible,…

Speaking Topics

EVENTS FOR WOMEN & YOUTH bringing God’s Word and promise of radically transforming love to life Elisa counts it a privilege to prayerfully consider serving you as a speaker for your next event. She is happy to tailor her messages for your particular needs or come up with a new one with you. As a speaker, Lisa engages audiences through her transparency, story-telling, a good dose of humor, and the practical way she communicates biblical Truth. She approaches her messages bathed in prayer and steeped in Scripture, as she seeks to meet women right where they are while inviting God to bring about…


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