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            Dating is a hot topic amongst Christian girls and their moms.  When to date?  Who to date?  How to Date?  Should I date?  These questions and more are answered in this lengthy handout on dating.  Be sure to check out more free downloads especially designed to encourage and equip teens and their mentors and mothers!  If you would like to express your appreciation for these free materials, please feel free to support More to Be financially and spread the word through Facebook.                    

Dating PDF

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Parenting Perspective for the Teen Years with Monica Swanson 

Parenting Perspective for the Teen Years with Monica Swanson {Podcast 531}

Have you ever noticed that eye-rolling isn’t something reserved just for a teen? Oh yes, all you have to do is mention parenting teens and you’ll see plenty of eye-rolling from moms and dads alike. It’s certainly not an easy task, but does it warrant such a negative response? Is there a way to enjoy parenting through the teen years? On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by boy mom, Monica Swanson, for a candid discussion about raising not only teens and sons but also daughters. Our conversation weaves in and out of parenting insights and…

Teen Girl Bible Study Bundle

Teen Girl Bible Study Bundle

If you’re longing to impact the next generation of girls with biblically-steeped timeless truths, look no further.

This Tween & Teen Girl Bible Study Resource Bundle is full of study topic guides, mini-bible studies, and worksheets perfect for using with tween and teen girls.



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