Brave Women Manifesto


The Brave Manifesto is a list of 52 belief statements and commitments that we, as followers of Christ, choose to live out each day as brave, bold, bright, and beautiful women of God for the sake of our impact on the next generation.

You and I were never meant to do this faith journey thing alone. We need sisters to spur us on. So what you if you lived out your faith on purpose and sought out #BRAVEwomen to do life with you?


The Brave Women Manifesto is a commitment to be women who think biblically and live transformed so that we can impact the next generation with Kingdom hope.

The 52 Brave Women Manifesto principles are unpacked in the Brave Together book and are designed to help you become more bright, more beautiful, more like Jesus through a fresh encounter with God and His Word. But don’t embrace this journey alone. Invite the women ahead of you in their spiritual walk along with those coming up right behind you to join you in this mission of becoming brave women of God together!

Brave Women Manifesto


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