Holy Whole: A 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program


Isn’t it time to see your body as the vehicle God chooses to work through, and thereby deciding that taking care of it is holy and wholly necessary work?

The Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program is about helping you discover how God wants you to steward the care of your body by uncovering the beliefs behind your habits, the obstacles standing in your way, and the vision that will motivate you toward lasting change and wellness.

If you’re ready to tackle your health in a totally unique, Scripture-soaked, accountability-rich way, then the Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program is for you.


Have you de-spiritualized wellness?

What I mean is have you focused wholeheartedly toward growing spiritually and serving others, especially in ministry or motherhood, while dismissing the care of your physical body?

Have you resigned yourself to being as you are when it comes to your health, never expecting to change your habits or weight, your medical condition or lifestyle?

Sister, I’m here to tell you that change is possible.

It is time to see your body as the vehicle God chooses to work through, and thereby deciding that taking care of it is holy and wholly necessary work!

It's time to stop de-spiritualizing wellness and start caring for the body God gave you to do the work He called you to. #moretobe #lifecoaching #wellnesscoaching #whole30

About the Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program

The Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program (HW30) is designed for women to discover how to move forward in wholehearted devotion to God through fully surrendering their mind, heart, body, and soul to His Truth.

It’s all about getting real with God while pinpointing what needs to change in order to embrace physical wellness alongside spiritual and emotional growth.

The Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program will help you:

1. Discover how God wants you to steward the care of your body.

2. Uncover the beliefs behind your food, fitness, and lifestyle habits.

3. Pinpoint the obstacles standing in way of real and sustainable change.

4. Clarify exactly what will motivate you toward your vision of wellness and lasting change.


When does it start?

The next HW30 challenge begins on September 16, 2019!

Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge

Where does it take place?

HW30 meets in a closed Facebook group. We will be reading and working through the Holy Whole: Guiding You Into Wellness Through Wholehearted Devotion to God workbook. The Facebook group is the place for you to share your insights, ask questions, gain accountability, and be fueled with additional teaching.  You can check into the Facebook group any time each day. There will be Facebook lives, which you can watch the replay if it isn’t convenient to check-in.

What does it cost?

The registration fee for HW30 is $32, which includes:

  • Holy Whole: Guiding You Into Wellness Through Wholehearted Devotion to God downloadable workbook. If you would like a paperback version of Holy Whole, you can get it on Amazon.
  • Access to the Facebook Group, which is the place you get to find accountability, encouragement, and teaching throughout the 30 days.
    • MON – Focus for the Week
    • TUE – Tips & Techniques for Wellness
    • WED – Facebook Lives {different focus each week}
    • THU – Q&A Time
    • FRI – Wins & Worries
  • Optional Accountability Partner
  • $32 discount on the Holy Whole One-on-One Coaching Package

Who leads the Holy Whole Challenge?

Elisa Pulliam, Founder of More to Be

The Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge is led by Elisa Pulliam.

She is the Founder of More to Be as well as a certified life coach and mentoring expert. Most importantly, she’s living proof that change is possible as Holy Whole is birthed out of her own wellness journey. She shares:

I spent my entire life sick, struggling with IBS as well as joint pain from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I thought that would never change, but I was desperate enough to find out. In the summer of 2017, I began using essential oils as a non-toxic way to care for my health. A year later, I embarked on my first Whole30 journey to figure out what was going on with my gut and making me so sick.

The risk of change was worth it.

I’m living comfortably in the skin I’m in, finally.

I’m no longer sick and running to the bathroom or suffering from chronic pain. Through transitioning to a whole food diet and minimizing sugar as well as processed foods, I’ve reduced the inflammation in my body that caused so much pain. I’ve lost over thirty pounds (8 months after starting Whole30), and have kept it off for a year.

I’m definitely less moody and emotional, no longer driven by cravings!

I have less pain and discomfort, plus fewer distractions because my sugar addiction isn’t controlling me! I also have a whole lot less guilt over neglecting my body!

The process of transformation I’ve experienced in my body required the full cooperation of my heart, mind, and soul. I had to get down to the root of my thinking to see the lies controlling my thoughts and habits. I had to fully confess my idols before God and allow Him the space to strip them away and fill me with more of Himself.

Through this experience, God led me to write Holy Whole and create this challenge to help you find God’s best for your life.

This isn’t about a particular diet or weight loss plan. It’s not about a fitness program or exercise goals. It’s about why you do what you do, so you can discover how you need to change.

Not sure if the Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge is for you?

Answer these questions and you’ll know immediately.

1. Are you stressed out?

2. Are you struggling with health issues related to stress?

3. Are you unmotivated to exercise?

4. Are you tired of not seeing results from eating right?

5. Are you discouraged by the number of weight loss plans that have not worked?

6. Are you neglecting your relationship with God?

7. Are you putting off reading your Bible or having a quiet time?

8. Are you going to bed guilty or ashamed over your behavior?

9. Are you feeling like you’re neglecting your health?

10. Are you tired of people and programs telling you what you should do to feel better?

Ready for the answer? If you answered “yes” to more than two of these questions, the Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Group is for you.


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