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How to Mentor

Most women believe they are not qualified to be a mentor!  Not true!  If you love Jesus and have set your life to live by the Bible, then you are qualified to mentor. Think of it in terms of being a trusted counselor or guide, and if you are a disciple of Christ, you are more than qualified to do just that! We simply need to know “one more thing” in order to teach that thing.  For example, if we know John 3:16, we can turn to another and teach it.  It may be only one powerful verse, but from…

Tweens & Teens

Are you looking for some advice and encouragement, but just don’t know who to ask?  Is your faith important to you but you don’t know how to live it out?  We are here for you! More to Be exists to give you the answers you are looking for (and to help out the adults in your life, too)! The Tool Shop don’t miss out on this amazing collection of short, printable studies that will answer your questions about life, faith, friendships, dating, identity, beauty, and more Real Answers check out this amazing collection of real answers to your real questions…


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