Start Well on Your Wellness Journey with Oils

Are you ready to start your wellness journey using essential oils?

If you’ve read my story or heard me share about my journey into using oils for wellness, you know that I was a skeptic on a budget. But from where I stand today, I’m convinced of the benefits, grateful for the affordability through the Young Living rewards program. If only I started years ago!

I am so passionate about helping you get started now because I wish I would have done this sooner.

And because I know there is a learning curve, I’m here to be your simplifying oils guide!

The best first step is to start with a kit, like the one created by Young Living, so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed by what to use and how to use it. Within your wellness starter kit, you’ll get 11 different 100% pure essential oils you can use by diffusing, applying on your skin, and taking orally (yes, they are designed for that purpose). The kit includes instructions on how to use the oils individually and in combinations. Plus you’ll get a diffuser made of quality material so that the oils won’t extract the toxins from the plastic.
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How to Order Your Kit

Purchasing your wellness kit and placing future orders is super simple. It starts with getting your kit as the first step to becoming a member. From that point forward, you can order products from the Young Living website whenever you want at the wholesale rate instead of paying retail prices. Think of this as your membership bonus access pass.

Step 1: Choose Wholesale Membership

Click Here and choose the Wholesale Membership option to save 24% on future orders.Choose Young Living Membership

Step 2: Pick Your Wellness Starter Kit

Pick your Wellness Starter Kit based on which diffuser you want. I have the Desert Mist diffuser, which has three settings for intensity and multiple colors. The premium starter kit is $160 plus shipping and handling, which turns out to be about $15 per bottle of oil and a FREE diffuser. You’ll use approximately 3 to 5 drops of oil in the diffuser, depending upon how strong you want the aroma to be, and each bottle contains approximately 85 drops. It took me a good six months before I used up a bottle of oil from my kit, especially since I took my time learning how to use the oils. Your kit includes:
  • Your Choice of a Dewdrop™ Diffuser or Desert Mist™ Diffuser
  • Lavender – relaxation and sleep
  • Peppermint Vitality™ – alertness and headache reduction
  • Lemon Vitality™  – alertness and cleaning
  • Copaiba Vitality™ – relaxation and anxiety reducing
  • Frankincense – relaxation and great for the skin
  • Thieves® Vitality™ – immune boosting
  • Citrus Fresh™ – alertness and freshening the air
  • Raven™ – congestion, allergy, and cold relief
  • DiGize™ Vitality™  – tummy trouble to the rescue
  • PanAway®  – soothes aching muscles and joints
  • Stress Away™ – reduce stress
Choose Your Young Living Kit

Step 3: Option to Enroll in Essential Rewards

Feel free enroll in the Essential Rewards (ER) Program if you want to place an order for additional oils outside of the kit today or think you might place orders in the future. ER will give you up to 25% back in credits for every order you place towards additional purchases and also free oils based on your order size.
Favorites Oils to Add-On to ER
  • Peace u0026amp; Calming – stress reliever
  • Clarity – improving concentration at work and in studies
  • Deep Relief Roll-On – muscle and tension reliever
  • Dragon Time – PMS balance
  • Cedarwood – compliments Lavender for relaxation

Choose Essential Rewards

Step 4: Check Out

Complete the check out process. You’ll get an email confirmation with your Young Living ID number and a link to login into the website. You’ll be able to place orders for oils or products any time you like from that point forward. I’ll also send you a follow-up email with information on how to use your kit.

Step 5: Join, Book, and Learn!

I’d love to have you join the Simplified Wellness Facebook Group, so that I can show you the ropes on how to use your oils and make wellness a part of your life!
You can also request your FREE Wellness Strategy Session so that I can help you make a personalized plan for using your oils and pursuing whole-life wellness!
Book a free wellness strategy session with Elisa Pulliam
You’re on your way to wellness!
I’m certain that in no time, you’ll discover how easy it is to ditch the toxins in exchange for the healthiest options to aid in your wellness!


Feel free to drop me a message and I’ll help you out!

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