Life Coach Training

Life Coach Training

Would you like to gain the skill and insight to effectively help others embrace a God-designed life of purpose and passion? Life coach training is a great next step for you!   Through this 10-week course, you will gain the skill set, mindset, and tools to serve others in all seasons and stages of life.  This course is great for moms, mentors, ministry leaders, business owners, and even public speakers because it trains you to be a great communicator and encourager, while also relieving the burden of finding the solution to everyone’s problems. The course is steeped in biblical principles and gives…

Why Becoming a Life Coach is a Life-Changing Experience

Why Becoming a Life Coach is a Life-Changing Experience

What if I told you about an opportunity that would not only change your life but the way you impact who God brings into your life? Curious about what that would be? I know this might sound crazy, but I really do believe that going through the life coaching training course can result in a life-changing experience. I say this not only as the instructor of the course and the ways I’ve seen it impact my hundreds of students but because of my personal experience. After week three of my own training, my husband said, “That’s the best thing you’ve ever…

One simple question to help you find your purpose . . .

One Simple Question to Help You Find Your Purpose

Have you ever paused long enough to consider what your heart breaks for? It’s a powerful question worth considering, because the answer often leads to a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and the ways you long to be used by God. In other words, when you know what your heart breaks for you, you’ll find your purpose. My heart breaks for so many things . . .  for those who’ve yet to know the Lord, for the overlooked, for the unseen . . . but the one thing my heart breaks over more than anything else is this: My heart breaks…

This is the one thing that will help you find what you need.

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