Better Together for MUTUAL, OK

A one-day event hosted by MUTUAl to gather women from all walks of life together in order to consider how we are better together through cultivating biblical mentoring relationships.

Creating Sisterhood Impact with Heather Boersma, Episode 311

Creating Sisterhood Impact with Heather Boersma {311}

What does sisterhood mean to you? Is it a wounding word or one that reminds you of God’s faithful provisions? On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by Heather Boersma, a fellow speaker, author and life coach with a heart for reaching the next generation of teen girls with hope and God’s love. While she might be passionate about reaching teens, her message is for all us. This episode is packed full of hope and practical biblical wisdom for navigating through anxiety, bullying, motherhood, and friendship. You’ll see why her latest book, Letters from a Big…

Becoming Brave Together with Elisa Pulliam and Kalie Kelch, More to Be Podcast Episode 300 #ChristianWomen #MoreToBe #BibleStudy

Becoming Brave Together {Podcast 300}

Are you as excited as we are about kicking-off season three of the More to Be Podcast? What a moment to celebrate God’s faithfulness and provision since beginning the podcast in January 2018. It’s a privilege to serve you this way and we look forward to bringing you Scripture-steeped episodes to help you think biblically and live transformed. For Season 3, you can expect a new, 45 to 55-minute episode released every other week. We decided that in our busy lives, finding an extra hour to listen to an episode every week is pretty hard to do. However, if you’re an…

The Value of Mentoring for Christian Women in Leadership

The Value of Mentoring for Christian Women in Leadership

If you find yourself in a leadership role, have you also found yourself a mentor? Maybe you think it’s not necessary . . . that you are the mentor. Yes, you are strong and able. Yes, you are equipped by God.   But all that strength the Lord pours into you doesn’t change the fact that He designed you to be connected to the body of Christ as a woman who not only gives but also receives.     Listen to the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast with my good friend and fellow leader, Esther Littlefield, to hear our chat about the…

Better Together: Cultivating Biblical Mentoring Relationships

A special event for the women of Grace Church to discover how to embrace the call to engage in biblical mentoring relationships. The sessions will include a look at our generational differences and how to draw together through understanding our core values and experiences.

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