Announcing M2B Mentoring Study & Training

So you want to be a mentor? Or you’ve been asked to mentor someone else. But you really can’t figure how to take the next step. And maybe you feel a huge hesitation about even trying. Well, we’re pretty sure our six week mentoring training study using Impact My Life, along with some brand new material, will build your confidence and give you courage as we inspire you to draw nearer to Christ and move into positions of significant influence.   How Can You Participate? Beginning Monday, January 7, we’re going to bring you six study sessions devoted to simplifying the…

100 Things I Want to Tell Moms and Mentors

100 Things I Want to Tell Moms & Mentors

Are you a mom, especially of girls? Are you a mentor seeking to be encouraged and equipped as you influence others? This list of 100 Things is written for you in mind! Inspired by the 100 Things I Want to Tell Teen Girls, this list reflects lessons learned through trial and error as well as over the last fifteen years of mentoring teen girls and raising my own children. Because of my faith and trust in God and His word, this entire list is grounded in His truth. While we might differ in the application process, I hope we can…

100 Things I Want to Tell Teen Girls

100 Things I Want To Tell Teen Girls

If only I had known then what I know now, my life would be radically different today. I think we’d all say that is true about our lives, don’t you think? Of course, looking back, I know I wasn’t at all the type to listen to others. Unlike my oldest daughter now, I was not teachable at her age. I had to learn my own lessons, the hard way. Of course, I didn’t have many people speaking truth into my life. My mom and dad did the best they could, but the fact of the matter is that I didn’t…

{download} Modesty: Beauty on the Inside and Out

Modesty is one of those challenging issues facing women of all ages in today’s culture. What is modest is up for discussion, even in Christian circles. Oh yes, we women vary in our interpretation even if we love the same Lord. So why not tackle the topic with grace and truth? Let’s bring an end to the gut-wrenching, tear-stained struggle over what is modesty.  Let’s uncover the real heart of the matter while considering how to put a modesty into action practically, purposefully, and without forsaking fashion. That’s exactly what the Modesty resources strives to do by answering the most asked questions about this hot-topic. Click…


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