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Serving and leading in a ministry setting can be the most rewarding, abundantly fruitful investment of time, resources, gifts, and talents. It can also be the most draining, disappointing, and unfortunately, painful life experience.

I know this reality both because I’ve lived through and coached countless women from point A to point B in their ministry journey.  I’ve served as a youth group leader right out of college and later a mentor during our time living a Christian boarding school. I’ve had the privilege of serving on the women’s ministry team at my church and also later stepping down. I’ve launched my own ministry, which you find yourself engaging with here at More to Be, and I stepped into a ministry already well established but in need of a new director, Kingdom Hearts and also passed the baton when God relocated us to a new state.

One thing I’ve discovered through all these experiences along with the women I’ve worked with . . .

Having a heart for ministry is good, but having sustaining power is essential.

That power is something we muster up from within. It’s power comes from Jesus Christ alone as the Holy Spirit fills us with His leading, guidance, wisdom, and strength. That filling, my friend, requires a commitment to making time alone with Jesus a priority. A leader in ministry must set aside time to meet with her Boss, the Lord, and take heed from His instruction manual, the Bible. It’s this commitment to a relationship with Christ and time in the Word that often gets crowded out of ministry-minded woman’s life.

It’s impossible to serve on fumes.

We can’t be overflowing vessels accomplishing God’s work if we’re not first filled up on Him. So that’s why, here at More to Be, we’re committed to serving you, dear ministry leader and servant.

We are a safe place for you to be fed hearty soul food and also held accountable for caring for you first priority relationship — the one you have with the Lord.

We most definitely want to provide you resources for using within your ministries, but we also want to invest in you so that you can overflow onto others. How do we go about doing that?

The Blog

A place for weekly encouragement on topics relevant to women of ages and seasons in life. We are passionate about mentoring and impacting the next generation, which influences are the content of four posts. Read more here.

The Tool Shop

Our tool shop is filled with topical resources, devotional guides, and Bible studies written for women, moms, mentors, and teen girls. Shop here.

Life Coaching

We count it a privilege to offer life coaching services to women in every season and stage in life. Our specialized packages, such as The Kaleo Program, are especially beneficial for leaders. Learn more here. 

Life Coach Certification

We offer ongoing Life Coach certification training through Life Breakthrough Academy, which is a 10-session online coaching program ideal for women seeking to grow professional, personally, and spiritually. Learn more here.

Highlands Company Assessment

The Highlands Company Assessment is a tool designed for personal and professional growth through helping you unpack your God-given wiring, especially driving abilities, learning strengths, talents, personal style for engaging in relationships as well as your professional work style. Learn more here.

Event u0026amp; Seminar Speakers

If you are looking for an event or seminar speaker, Elisa would be happy to consider your request and/or recommend a speaker to you if she is not available or if it is not a good fit. To learn more about Elisa’s messages, click here. To request here, please complete this form. To ask for recommendations, please use the form below.

It is our hope and prayer that the resources and services we provide will enable you to lead and serve in the ministry capacity God is calling you to each and every day. If you have any additional needs that you believe we can support, please drop us a note.


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