Equine-Assisted Coaching

partnering with horses to help you get unstuck so that you can embrace the life you were intended to live

Are you stuck?

Overwhelmed by conflicts?

Discourage by the hang-ups and habits that hold you back?

Maybe you feel like there is some sort of mental block keeping you from taking risks in your relationships or even career aspirations. Or you find yourself stuck in the crazy cycle of conflict with family, at work, with your ministry team, or friends. Maybe you are ready to find deeper meaning and purpose, but first, you need to be set free of your past and able to embrace your present

Whatever your situation looks like today, equine-assisted coaching can support your personal growth journey.

Through partnering with horses in an equine-assisted coaching session, you'll discover how you got to the place you find yourself in today while uncovering how you can embrace growth emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

If you're ready to live the life you were made for, you'll find it where you least expect it . . . coming face to face with a horse who has no agenda but a whole lot to offer to you. Yes, you'll uncover more about yourself, your identity, and how you seek connection with others and God.

Equine-Assisted Coaching

Equine-assisted coaching is perfect for anyone seeking to grow personally, spiritually, or relationally.

No horse experience is needed because this coaching is all about connected relationships.

Actually, the less you know about horses, the more remarkable your experience can be because you'll show up teachable and without any preconceived notions about what to do. I will teach you what you need to know about horses as well as brain development, which is key to understanding how to heal and develop emotionally healthy relationships.

    • women seeking personal growth and transformation
    • couples longing for a deeper understanding of each other
    • mothers ready to discover a new way to relate to their children
    • families seeking to cultivate new ways of connecting and communicating
    • tweens and teens needing to be heard, healed and given a fresh wind of hope
    • young adults needing to gain self-awareness as they embark on college and career endeavors
    • ministry leaders and teams ready to find unity in their vision
    • business leaders and teams desiring to work together more effectively
    • entrepreneurs, writers, and speakers stuck and longing for clarity to find the way forward.
    • anyone of any age who want to discover how to connect better with humans by working with a horse.

Equine-Assisted Coaching Experiences

To get started, book a Discovery Session to assess if equine-assisted coaching is the best option for you.

Private Sessions

$395 per person

  • One 60-minute online session
  • Two 60-minute equine-assisted sessions
  • Access to client portal and support resources

Group Sessions
for Couples and Families

$495 per couple or parent/child

  • One 60-minute online session
  • Two 90-minute equine-assisted sessions
  • Access to client portal and resources

Leadership Development for Teams

starting at $695 for teams of three

  • One 60-minute online session
  • One 4-hour equine-assisted session
  • Access to support resources to aid in growth

Retreat Experiences

starting at $695

  • One private 60-minute pre-retreat online session
  • One day of equine-assisted group sessions
  • One private 60-minute follow-up session
  • Access to support resources to aid in growth
  • Learn More
Elisa Pulliam

Meet Your Coach

Elisa Pulliam, who prefers to go by Lisa, is passionate about partnering with horses to help you get unstuck emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and professionally so that you can embrace the life you were intended to live. She offers equine-assisted coaching for women through individual sessions and equine-assisted learning through group experiences designed for women, teens, and leadership teams.

As the founder of MoreToBe.com, a virtual-based coaching and coach training company, Lisa has supported women through the personal growth process for more than a decade. She is a certified Natural Lifemanship Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Specialist and Coach, Life Breakthrough Coach, Highlands Ability Battery Consultant, and is pursuing an MA in Clinical Counseling with a trauma concentration at Eastern University.


What to Expect

The online session will take place via Zoom and provide an opportunity to get to assess the purpose, understand the needs, and clarify the vision for the equine-assisted coaching experience.

The farm sessions will include partnering with a horse and equine-assisted specialist in a beautiful setting perfect for your personal growth investment. We will meet in heart of Pennsylvania horse country. If you are local, we can schedule your sessions two weeks apart. If you are from out of town, we will schedule your sessions on back-to-back days or the same day, if necessary. Feel free to request a list of local accommodations.

What is trauma-informed equine-assisted coaching all about?

The beauty of trauma-informed equine-assisted coaching, counseling, or learning is the understanding that trauma impact all of our lives and provides tools for healing and moving forward.

Although most people believe that trauma needs to be a big life event, anything that causes you to experience fear of harm can result in a traumatic experience. For example, all these events can be categorized as trauma:

  • intrauterine and birth trauma
  • abuse and neglect
  • domestic violence
  • grief and loss
  • car accident
  • flooding and fires
  • natural disaster
  • divorce
  • family separation
  • combat
  • detainment/deportation
  • incarceration/imprisonment
  • homelessness
  • poverty
  • community violence and civil unrest
  • sudden changes in relationships
  • sudden and unexpected moves

Whatever your experience with trauma has been, equine-assisted coaching, counseling, and learning can help you discover a pathway to healing and a new way of living. 

The Relationship Connection Equine-Assisted Coaching Program

The Impact of Equine Assisted Coaching

Let me tell you a little story about my personal experience (since it wouldn't be right to share my client experiences for them) that occurred at my Natural Lifemanship training.

I ended up in a round pen with a horse that refused to move. She went on ignoring me. Not a look. Not a glance. Just totally ignoring. Even though I had horse experience, I realized my old techniques were not going to work because I didn't have a halter or lead rope to just go up to her make her connect with me.

She had to choose our relationship connection, and that changed everything.

Through using the Natural Lifemanship approach you begin to build the connection through applying pressure to her rear by clapping or giving energy to your voice. I know it sounds crazy, but wait until you experience it. So I was trying my best to no avail, only getting more and more discouraged and angry. My pride was hurting. My fear of my own anger erupting was mounting. I turned to my training instructor for help and he coached me with simple but profound questions (which is what I'll do for you).

"What do you want to do?"
I told wanted to just quit and run away. 
He said, "Is that good for you and for this horse?"
I said, "No, I need to work through this?"
He said, "Work through what?"

With tears flowing, I confessed my struggle with anger and how I've worked the last two decades years to not raise my voice, to not get loud and in my kids' face, but when they push me like this horse is doing by ignoring me, I lose my cool.

At that moment I saw with clarity four profound truths:

  1. I feel like I often don't have a voice unless I yell, and that's a by-product of my childhood wounds that I thought were all healed up.
  2. When I don't feel heard, I get angry.
  3. I don't know how to raise my energy level without being angry.
  4. When I feel like I might fail, I quit.

As I poured out my heart, right there in the middle of training, I could see how this equine-assisted coaching was about much more than working with a horse.

It was about working on me and my relationships.

So I took a deep breath, relaxed my body, and put into practice the Natural Lifemanship approach with a horse that didn't want to give me the time of day. It was worth it, as the connection began to build and she began to pay attention to me and follow me by choice, without any pressure to do so.

And from that experience, as well as all the ones that have taken place since that time, I've approached my human relationships from a brand new perspective. It has made such a difference in my marriage, motherhood, and work relationships.

I'd love for you to discover this for yourself, too.

To get started, book an Equine-Assisted Discovery Coaching Session, and I'll be in touch with more information.


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