Coaching for Women

helping you experience the life God meant you to live

Do you feel all alone when it comes to making decisions?

Are you stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain how to take the next step?

Would you like to see growth personally, spiritually, relationally, and professionally?

Are you ready to explore and embrace your God-given calling and purpose?

I believe God has a solution for you.

I'd love to help you discover what that looks like with one intentional,
prayer-saturated conversation at a time.

You were never meant to figure it out by yourself. #notalone #lifecoaching #women

Elisa Pulliam, Founder of More to Be

What is coaching all about?

I often compare coaching to what you experience when you go to a doctor's office. The nurse's job is to make you feel comfortable and gather all the necessary information for the doctor. Meanwhile, the doctor's job is to diagnose your problem and give you the course of treatment.

As a coach, I function like the nurse and the doctor is your Creator God, who knows you best of all.

God is the One who has everything you need and through the work of the Holy Spirit can lead you in the right direction.

In my role as your coach, I simply help you get ready to hear from Him and spur you on to keep going back to Him until you get the answer you're looking for.

Whether you're seeking to get unstuck or explore new opportunities, build a new ministry or launch a new business, a transition to a new career or move towards a dream, I can serve as your coach.

How does the process work?

Coaching is more than merely having a conversation. It's about strategizing your best next steps forward through gaining awareness, pinpointing obstacles, clarifying vision, and identifying solutions.

In a Biblical coaching program, that process happens bathed in prayer and through seeking God for answers. There is no advice-giving. Instead, you'll experience the space to think and process with feedback and encouragement, pointing you towards God's best.

  • Life coaching is a short-term commitment and valuable investment with high return.
  • Sessions take place over the phone via Zoom, which can include video, if you'd like.
  • Solutions are discovered through a question-answer-evaluate-accountability process that's bathed in prayer.
  • Assessment tools, like the Highlands Battery, can be incorporated into your coaching package to help facilitate growth.

Your coaching sessions will be about listening to your needs and striding toward practical change in the areas you desire to focus on intently.


Package Options

helping you think biblically and live transformed through a fresh encounter with God and His Word

2 Sessions


  • Session 1: Gain Clarity About Your Obstacle or Vision
  • Session 2: Strategizing a Plan for Your Next Step

3 Sessions


  • Session 1: Gaining Awareness & Clarifying Vision
  • Session 2: Identifying Your Obstacles
  • Session 3: Strategizing a Plan

6 Sessions


  • Session 1: Gaining Awareness & Clarifyng Vision
  • Session 2: Identifying Obstacles
  • Session 3: Assessment Feedback & Processing
  • Session 4: Pinpointing Core Values & Beliefs
  • Session 5: Crafting a Misison Statement
  • Session 6: Defining Goals & Action Steps
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