Pursuing a Grumble-Free Heart and Home with Tricia Goyer

A Grumble-Free Heart and Home with Tricia Goyer {Podcast 408}

Is grumbling the tone of your heart and home? Maybe that’s a habit you’ve inherited. Maybe it’s one that has been triggered by life’s trials. No matter what has caused the grumbling, you can make strides toward a grumble-free life and cultivate a new culture in your home. On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by my friend, Tricia Goyer, who offers us such a fresh perspective on parenting through the grumbles with a new vision. You might have heard her on the podcast before as we chatted about anger. Tricia has plenty of real-life experience…

The Secret to Connecting with God

The Secret to Connecting with God

Have you ever considered how the connection you crave with God may be deeply impacted by the connections you have with others? Maybe you’ve thought what you have with God doesn’t have to do with anyone else. It’s just you and God – but then again, maybe not. We are created in the image of our relational God. He invites us to experience a fully connected relationship with Him when we’re adopted into His family by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. We are given the gift of His presence through the indwelling Holy Spirit. God designed us for continual…

Hope and Healing after Abortion, Interview with Toni McFadden

Hope and Healing After Abortion: Interview with Toni McFadden {Podcast 407}

Do you feel like your life is “too far gone?” That God can’t make anything of the mistakes you’ve made? Are you carrying a secret shame in your heart, terrified of the consequences that would ensue if others found out? Maybe your shame is linked to an abortion, and you’ve decades grieving and carrying it all alone. This episode is especially for you. On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by my friend, Toni McFadden, who is an inspirational woman of God on a mission to lift shame and bring healing to post-abortive women. She humbly…

Creating Family Culture with Kim Amici {Podcast 406}

Do you feel like your family is out of sync? That you’re all heading in different directions? That your priorities aren’t lining up with your spouse? Well, you’re not alone! Most family units lack a sense of mission and purpose. Decisions are made on the fly based on what feels good to the loudest, strongest voice. That kind of dynamic doesn’t lead to a family experience that feels good for anyone. The good news is there is another way to do family, whether you’re raising littles or getting ready to launch teens into adulthood. There’s hope, too, if you find…

When We're Not Feeling Qualified #moretobe #devotions

When We’re Not Feeling Qualified

Do you struggle with not feeling qualified? You’re not alone. I think more of us feel unqualified than qualified on a daily basis. It only takes being pushed slightly out of our comfort zone at work or in ministry, at home or in a relationship to feel entirely defeated about our abilities. Maybe that’s why we like to say that “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” It’s a lovely chant when we desperately need to overcome our feelings of inadequacies. But is it truly a biblical statement? Context is key, my friends. This Christian platitude is likely…

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