Evidence of God's Faithfulness in Our Hardships

Evidence of God’s Faithfulness in Our Hardships

I cringed while listening to my professor describe the Remember When assignment, which involved interviewing a parent so that we could write a paper describing our developmental process. Certainly, this assignment wasn’t designed with a middle-aged graduate school student in mind! How could my parents remember back that many decades? Even if they could, I wasn’t keen on a trip down memory lane, especially after all the time spent processing and healing from the abuse that marred my childhood. Maybe you can relate? I was relieved as my heart softened while listening to my mom recount all the good, like the…

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Growing Slow with Jennifer Dukes Lee {Podcast #709}

What if your hurry came to a screeching halt and you discovered in the process that the race to the never-ending, always-moving finish was actually doing you harm? Would you take that as a wake-up and choose to live life differently? Or would you grumble and complain, fighting against the pressure to be still and slow down? Well, for some of us, an abrupt change in the way we do life is simply hypothetical. For others, it has been a firsthand experience, where the unexpected diagnosis, unwanted betrayal, and unanticipated season of change forced our hand at evaluating priorities and redefining values. For…

The Call to Live in Peace

The Call to Live in Peace {Podcast 708}

What is the heart work, and hard work, God wants to accomplish in your life? Yes, heart work and hard work are often synonymous. Becoming more like Christ, and uncovering the life God intended for us to live, doesn’t happen by doing the same thing over and over again. That would be the definition of insanity, right? Wholehearted breakthrough and authentic life transformation occurs when we embrace a new way of thinking and living that aligns with God’s best. On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by Kalie Kelch for the next part in our Let…

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Fighting Forward in Faith and Friendship with Hannah Brencher {Podcast #707}

Have you ever gone through a “friendship breakup”? Maybe you’re at a crossroads with a friend with no end in sight. Or maybe it is time to re-evaluate whether you are allowing safe people into your life. Whatever the situation may be, we all known that friendships can sometimes bring rocky territory and heartbreak. On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I had the chance to talk with Hannah Brencher, about the beauty from ashes that God can bring out of broken relationships. We talked about “fighting forward” for our friendships and making wise choices about who we…

It is Time for Healing {Podcast #706}

Are you ready to experience the kind of breakthrough with God that leads to wholehearted healing and well-being? Wouldn’t that be remarkable — to be free of the habits and hang-ups that hold you back from aligning with His best? If you answered yes, like most of us, then it is time to discover what is standing in the way of experiencing the emotional and spiritual healing you crave. On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’m joined by Kalie Kelch as we embrace a deep journey into the first part of Hebrews 12, where God invites us…


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