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How to Keep Sacred this Season with the More to Be Coaches {Podcast #612}

It is without a doubt that the 2020 holiday season is going to look different than most. The normal chaos that comes with planning meals, decorating houses, going to holiday gatherings, and buying Christmas gifts becomes all the more complicated in the middle of a global pandemic. How can you walk through this sacred season with grace? What are ways for you to build margin into your life so that you can enjoy time with your community and spend time in worship of the King of Kings? On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I chat with Dawn…

How to Guard Your Heart

How to Guard Your Heart

A friend asked me the other day, “How’s your heart?” It really struck a chord with me because most of the time people just ask, “How are you doing?” And we tend to tell them what they want to hear. But this friend went deeper into what really matters in life—the heart. Sometimes we can feel like life is too busy to get real. Pain is often too deep to let even a bit of it creep out. Maybe living on-the-surface with each other feels more bearable . . . even more socially acceptable. But the problem with on-the-surface living is that we’re ignoring what…

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Equipped to Live Life on Purpose with Elisa Pulliam {Podcast #611}

Are you a planner, mapping everything out on your calendar with color-coded labels and all? Or are you more of a laid back, take it as it comes type of gal? Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, as the year comes to a close (and boy I am happy about that), I have started to think about how I want to intentionally plan for 2021! I am asking myself the question “Am I still pursuing God in my everyday life and if not, what changes do I need to make?” In this episode of the More to Be…

When Quitting is the Best Option with More to Be Coaches {Podcast #610}

Are you at a crossroads in your relationships, your career, or your ministry? Does quitting feel like the best option, but you do not want to feel like you have failed? On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I chat with some of the More to Be Coaches about times when quitting was the best option. From stories of divorce to leaving a life long career to stepping away from ministry, we covered it all, along with how the Lord continued to be faithful each step of the way. If you’re in need of encouragement, then this latest…

Finding Calm to Quiet Your Soul

Finding Calm to Quiet Your Soul

This has been quite the year, hasn’t it? The world feels in chaos . . . relationally, economically, spiritually. How many times have you found yourself saying, “2020 can’t get worse, can it?” Well, the truth is that it can get worse, and we could easily find ourselves wallowing in despair if we don’t know how to process the promise of pain. The possibility of dire circumstances doesn’t have to be a declaration of hopelessness. We know that hard is part of life on this side of heaven. Jesus promises us such in John 16:33 (NIV), “I have told you these things, so that in…


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