Highlands Ability Battery

Discover your natural abilities through using the gold standard of aptitude tests so that you can embrace your best career, ministry, and relational endeavors.

Are you stuck? Unsure of the next step?

Would you like to know how your God-given abilities impact your life?

Do you want to know the best fit for your career?

Would you like to discover how to connect more effectively with your loved ones, ministry team, or colleagues?

Are you looking for the right field of study and best fit for college or graduate school for yourself or your child?


The Highlands Company Ability Battery Assessment is a brilliant tool that seeks to answer these questions and more. It's a method, a model, and a process of self-discovery which enables you to look at your whole-life picture and pinpoint your God-given abilities and personal style as it pertains to interacting with others.

The battery reveals how you problem solve, where you get your energy from, and how you connect with others, providing you with a framework for approaching relationships, educational studies, and career pursuits.


The Highlands Ability Battery is Simple and Effective . . .

As a Highlands Company Consultant, I will come alongside you in the administration and evaluation of The Highlands Battery, which is an online assessment that provides concrete results. The process includes:

  • 45-minute pre-assessment consultation to discuss what you're seeking to discover and provide you with an orientation of the battery and what to expect from the results
  • Three-hour online assessment, which is divided into 18 timed work-sample segments, that can be completed in one sitting or spaced out according to your time availability
  • one-hour follow-up consultation to review your assessment results and set forth clear goals as well as action steps
  • Whole Person Model takes into consideration all aspects of your life so that you can pinpoint how your personal style and abilities influence your relationships and well as your professional and personal life pursuits.
  • The full report explains the battery results and gives you access to an information-rich database of educational and career matches that connect with your abilities.

The Highlands Ability Battery is Great for:

  • anyone in life transition or desiring to change careers
  • leaders, managers, entrepreneurs seeking to improve administrative style as well as overall communication and problem-solving skills
  • anyone interested or already involved in working with teams of people, especially teachers, counselors, consultants, and life coaches
  • married couples and parents, especially of teens, seeking to improved relationship dynamics and support one-another more substantially in each's gifting

The Highlands Whole Person Model

Let's Get Started!

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The fee for an adult is $525. The fee for a student is $495.


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