bringing God's Word and promise of radically transforming love to life

Elisa counts it a privilege to prayerfully consider serving you as a speaker for your next event. She is happy to tailor her messages for your particular needs or come up with a new one with you.

As a speaker, Lisa engages audiences through her transparency, story-telling, a good dose of humor, and the practical way she communicates biblical Truth.

She approaches her messages bathed in prayer and steeped in Scripture, as she seeks to meet women right where they are while inviting God to bring about the change they crave in every area of life. To learn more about Elisa, download her formal bio.

You can also hear her speaking on the More to Be Podcast as well as see her style through her Facebook lives in the More to Be Tribe and her heart come through in this Unblinded Faith Launch Party video.

Retreats • Keynotes • Workshops

BeLoved, Be Free

embracing the life God created you to live

What keeps a woman from experiencing the life God intended for her? Elisa believes the greatest obstacles is hidden within her heart and mind.

She knows first-hand what happens when a woman lives with a hardened, stony heart. She knows what it is like to do all the "Christian things" but not feel God's love personally. She spent years running from her past, shoving down the pain that comes from a legacy of emotional and physical abuse. She couldn't relieve the guilt over her destructive ways. She couldn't get control of her anger, no matter how much she vowed to not be a yelling mom or a temperamental wife.

Elisa describes her salvation moment in that London dorm room more than 25 years ago as her exit strategy with no expectation of what life on earth could look like. She had no idea that Love would fill her soul and change her life . . . that Jesus was able to free her to live the life she longed for . . . a life in which could be the wife and mom and friend she always wanted to become.

Meet the New YouThrough Christ, there is healing and wholeness and freedom for all of us as God's beloved daughters. 

When Elisa finally let God into the deepest part of her heart and mind, He completely changed her from the inside out. She believes that's what He wants to do for every single one of His daughters starting right now. Not when they get it all together. Not once justice has been done. Not once they have it figured all out. But now, so that they would know they are God's beloved, set free to lead the life He intended.

Invite Elisa to bring her testimony and teaching steeped in John 13 and 14, 1 John 4, Ezekiel 36:26, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Romans 12:2, and Colossians 3 to your women. Portions of this message can be found in her book, Meet the New.  She can customize this message for a keynote, conference, or retreat.

Walk with Me:  Because We're Better Together

simplifying biblical mentoring and cross-wiring the generations together

Inspired by her personal testimony of being wooed to Jesus and the beautiful work God accomplished in her through 18 years living as a faculty wife at a boarding school, Lisa brings forth a message of biblical hope, transformation, and kingdom impact.

She unpacks the beauty of cultivating parakaleo relationships -- a Greek word that reveals the heart of a Biblical mentoring through teaching the whole of Titus 2. She simplifies biblical mentoring through debunking the myths, addressing the excuses, and laying out the six simple steps of mentoring.

Lisa also brings her passion for multi-generational communities to play with her thorough teaching on generational differences, a focus on how to develop life-giving, healthy-working relationships within a family, church, school, ministry, or organization.

This message, built from the principles found in Impact Together, can be shared as one session, one-day conference, or full retreat experience or customized into a training workshop for launching a mentoring ministry.

Unblinded Faith - 90 Day DevotionalUnblinded Faith: How to Gain Spiritual Sight Through Believing God's Word

helping women discover how to read the Word, believe the Word, and live it out

What does it look like to live with spiritual sight, full of unblinded faith and unshakable hope? Yes, it is possible. There is no need to live defeated, downhearted, and discouraged. There is no need to live overwhelmed chasing down the tyranny of the urgent.

It is possible to experience a fresh encounter with God and His word in such a way that everyday trials and challenges don't steal your joy and peace, but rather inspire you to look to the Cross for your strength and purpose.

This message is inspired by Elisa's own journey will include her testimony as well as teaching from 2 Corinthians 4. It's perfect for any kind of event created to encourage, equip, and breathe hope into the lives of women!

Embrace Retreat Experience

The Embrace Retreat:  Discovering Your God-Given Impact is specifically designed to make a place for refreshment and refueling through a discipleship style of ministry for a small group of women in a home setting.  The four sessions -- Be Made New, Be Refreshed, Be Transformed, Be the Impact -- provide a solid Scripture foundation for embracing God-given purpose and developing an action plan for spiritual growth and impact. Elisa uses her unique combination of teaching, coaching, and story-telling to provide a safe-haven of connection and authenticity.

Feel free to ask Elisa about serving with her friend and ministry partner, Stacey. In addition to leading worship, Stacey also happens to be a fabulous massage therapist and kindly offers 10-minute complimentary massages as a part of her ministry for a retreat of 10 women or less. Yes, the Embrace Retreat is perfect for a small group of friends, ministry team, or church women's retreat.

Embrace Retreat

The entire Embrace Retreat weekend was simply wonderful. Your stories were especially unbelievable whether difficult or inspiring. Please know you blew us all way on how the power and grace of God at work in you, and how He is using you to heal, restore, and strengthen others in their walk with the Lord! ~ Kim S. 


Messages for Women and Teen Girls

Beloved, Be Free: Becoming Who You Were Created to Be {for women and teen girls}

Do you really believe that you are loved by God? Do you struggle to live comfortable in the skin you’re in, feeling like you’re never enough and always too much? These are the struggles Lisa has wrestled through along with the hundreds of teen girls and women she has coached and mentored over decades in ministry. That struggle doesn’t have to be forever. Lisa's experienced God's healing work enabling her to believe that she is loved by God and can be His love to others. With transparency and authenticity, she unpacks the biblical principles and processes that led to that transformation, conveying how God redeemed her childhood marred by abuse and rescued her from a life of dysfunction, creating a brand new legacy of faith and love. This message is steeped in hope and real-life application for every girl and every woman who needs to know she is indeed the beloved of God.

Holy Whole: Discovering How to Care for Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul {for women and teen girls}

God intricately designed us so that our heart, mind, soul, and body is fully interconnected and meant to function as one holy whole. In this workshop, Lisa lays forth the biblical principles of holiness in a way that makes practical sense and casts a vision for self-care from a biblical perspective, touching upon finding healing from emotional wounds, guarding your heart, studying God’s word, cultivating a prayer life, surrounding yourself with Godly influences, and caring for your body well. Lisa shares her personal journey of struggling to care for her body, even though she was passionate about finding healing for her heart and mind, and how fasting revealed her idols and how to crush those strongholds by God’s power at work in her.

Wired that Way: Embracing Your God-given Personality {for women and co-ed youth}

It’s hard to feel good about the way you’re made if your weakness and issues always seem to get the upper hand. In this session, Lisa explains the different personality assessments, what to do with the results, and how to use your strengths as well as weaknesses for God’s glory. She shares how she came to embrace her own personality — recognizing that her greatest weakness today were actually the very things God used to enable her to survive a childhood marred with abuse and dysfunction.  With her passion for helping women, students, and organization unlock their God-given purpose and potential, Lisa believes that the first step is to understand how individual wiring works and how to utilize it for the benefit of the whole community — whether that is in a family, a church environment, a school, or workplace. In this workshop (which can be easily turned into three to four in-depth sessions), she unpacks the nuances of personality type, spiritual gifting, and learning styles with a focus on practical application and lasting impact.

Redefining Beauty: Living Beautiful in the Skin You’re In {women and teen girls}

Through sharing her own struggles in finding her Christ-centered identity, Lisa reveals how she discovered that she’s fearfully and wonderfully made in a way that is relatable and applicable for living a beautiful life in the skin you’re in.

Elisa Pulliam - Better Together at Three Village Church

Messages for Moms and Mentors

Elisa Pulliam • Speaker

Mentoring the Hearts of Your Tweens and Teens

This message is steeped in practical application Lisa uses a biblical foundation, mentoring principles, and life coaching insights to equip moms to mother, mentor, and minister to the tweens and teens on purpose and without regret.

Seven Strategies for Navigating Social Media and Screens {with Your Tweens and Teens)

Can be tailored for a youth leader’s workshop or a joint workshop with parents and tweens/teens.

While it may be normal for every Millennial to grow up in a world of social media and screens, the reality is that their devices serve as both tools and weapons in their hands. The dopamine loop addiction is a dangerous experience for nearly every user,  so it’s time face this reality and make necessary changes. This workshop is designed to educate, challenge, and encourage the implementation of safeguards and habits for responsible usage for all of us, especially as we’re tasked with training up and preparing the next generation for their future.

Motherhood 101: Training Up On the Go {MOPS and mom-focused groups}

Elisa unpacks seven key lessons for the journey of motherhood, with each point of wisdom leading to one profound truth: becoming the best mom God designed is really about becoming the woman God intended.

Connected Motherhood {MOPS and mom-focused groups}

We are designed by God for connection, with Him first, and overflowing into our relationships with our spouses, children, and beyond. Yet the enemy’s desire is isolation, which he succeeds at doing through connecting to us the world, our worries, and even our screens. This message, built upon Deuteronomy 6, carefully considers the importance of nurturing a vibrant relationship with God, being steeped in the Word, and pinpoint ways to speak life into our families while safeguarding from addictions, distractions, and fatigue.

The Real Deal About Dating and Relationships {co-ed youth group and teen girls}

Lisa’s perspective on relationships and dating comes through 20 plus years mentoring teens. She shares a Biblically-rich and culturally-relevant truth equipping moms, mentors, and youth leaders to guide the next generation through this season of life. She loves sharing this message with tween and teen girls, with their moms present, too.

Trainings and Special Events

A Hope Anew: Seeing of Mentoring through Mary and Elizabeth's Story {Christmas Message}

Lisa unfolds the beauty of the Christmas story and the incredible impact of biblical mentoring through looking at the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth in Luke 1. She weaves into this short message her testimony of God's great rescue of her life and His transforming work, providing a backdrop for the significance of women stepping into the lives of the next generation as modern-day Elizabeths.

The Call of a Message Bearer {for Writers, Speakers, and Ministry Leaders}

Wouldn’t you agree that being a message bearer is no easy thing? It’s a responsibility and calling. It’s a burden and a privilege. It is full of blessing and too many trials. But have you considered how it’s been this way since the very beginning? Oh yes, since the days when Jesus’ followers first step forth to bring the Good News forth to listening ears and longing hearts, being a message bearer meant saying yes to rejections and trials and uncertain futures. All we have to do is look deeper into Paul’s letter to the Corinthians to find the tension points and wisdom for how to approach the calling of being a writer, speaker, or ministry leader in today's culture.

Sweetspot Leadership Training Workshops

Lisa combines her life coaching experience with expertise in administering the Highlands Company Ability Battery to give your team a crash course in effective communication through teaching how to listen well and ask good questions. She’ll equip you to lay the groundwork for establishing a clear vision with actionable goals. Combined with the Wired Up Workshop, this is a great opportunity to grow a team or an organization.

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What Others Are Saying

Youth Retreat Speaker that Connects

It was the shot in the arm I needed and I had never heard so much discussion come from our students after listening to a speaker. Elisa really got through to them. - Lydia, Chaperone Elisa was open-handed and serving God through serving the students (and adults). - Tom, Retreat Coordinator Great word delivered each session! - Leslie, Chaperone My boys had a great time and really appreciated Elisa's talks, each having their own “moments.” - Dana, Mom  

Riveting Testimony

We invited Lisa to be the featured speaker for a large group of women at our Christmas brunch.  Her message was spot-on.  The women were riveted by her testimony and taken in as she opened the Word of God.  Lisa came to speak, but in every way, she really came to serve. - Mary O'Connor, Island Christian Church


Elisa’s Stories Capture the Power and Grace of God

The entire Embrace Retreat weekend was simply wonderful. Elisa's stories were especially unbelievable whether difficult or inspiring. She blew us all way on how the power and grace of God is at work in her, and how He is using Elisa to heal, restore, and strengthen others in their walk with the Lord! ~ Kim S. 


Elisa’s “Real Deal About Dating” Workshop was Excellent!

The Real Deal About Dating workshop was excellent!  I took notes, which I reflect on, and have the Ephesians 5:10 card on my dresser.  Thank you for doing what you do by reaching out and sharing your life and faith, which is enriching others.  ~ Barb 


Elisa Touches All Walks of Life

I have received numerous positive feedback regarding the Ladies Luncheon and some thought Elisa teaches a local bible study and wanted to know where they could sign up. Others were so deeply moved. So many, were touched and they were from all walks of life (young, old, new believer, non-believer, mature believer). ~ Melodie, Luncheon Coordinator

A Picture of Hope

I loved how you tied in your personal story and the verses you pulled from scripture as you spoke to our Young Lives group. I've had a chance to talk to a few of the girls since and they all have shared with me that they enjoyed hearing you speak and especially how you painted a picture of hope and what is possible when walking with Jesus. - Cristian, Young Lives Leader

Equipper of the Saints

Your openness and transparency is so becoming! Thank you for sharing your story and your struggles with such a pure motive . . . to help others! By being vulnerable, you give others permission to lay down pretenses and to get real! How liberating! You are an "equipper of the saints"! Thank you for your obedience to Him. It is clear that you, Lisa, are a letter from Christ, the result of ministry [by Godly women who invested in you], written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. (2 Cor 3:3) -  Jodi Abbinanti, Better Together Women's Conference at Three Village Church

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