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Are you ready to live the life you were made for?

You were never meant for an "as is" life.

You were meant for more . . . but discovering what that actually looks like and embracing it with confidence isn't easy to do alone.

That's why we're here!

The women who seek out coaching and training with us do so because they are ready for more. They are just like you, ready to heal from hurts, bolster their faith, grow in skill, and find support to step forward into their God-given purpose.

No matter where you find yourself today, we're here to help you heal through wholehearted breakthrough and authentic life transformation.

Yes, that is the more to be life you were made for.

Align Coaching Programs

 Experience wholehearted breakthrough and authentic life transformation so that you can align your life with God's best!

Equine-Assisted Coaching

Embrace emotional, spiritual, professional, and relational growth through equine-assisted coaching at a lovely farm in Honey Brook, PA.

Personal Vision Program

Discover how your natural abilities integrate with your life story to create an actionable vision for your life.

Elisa Pulliam

If you're ready to experience the life you were meant to live, you've come to the right place.

I'm passionate about helping you experience wholehearted breakthroughs and authentic life transformation so that you may lead the life God intended.

I believe it is possible because I'm living proof! God rescued me from a life marred by abuse and dysfunction, wooing me into His love by the work of Jesus Christ working through friends, counselors, and coaches. Yes, I believe that God redeemed my life to align with His best through reshaping the way I think about not only my life story but also in how I see who I am today, who He is, and what He can accomplish in this world through a willing heart.

Every experience I've endured has become a lesson that has shaped my focus and my purpose.

I believe that can be true for you, too.

When I launched More to Be in 2011, I had no idea this would become a hub devoted to coaching women and training coaches. But one step of faith led to another, each preparing the foundation for the next thing, including expanding to trauma-focused equine-assisted coaching. Yes, you can meet with me in real life at a lovely farm in Pennsylvania to experience a breakthrough coaching intensive partnered with a horse.

Whether you're seeking personal growth through virtual coaching, mentor training, or equine-assisted coaching, I'm here cheering you into wholehearted healing and authentic life transformation so that you can live the life you were made for.  

Yes, my friend, there is more.

Elisa Pulliam, Founder of More to Be

Coaching is Your Fastest Way Forward

clarify your vision by carving out space to brainstorm, reflect, and pray

identify your values to live with less conflict and guilt

crush your obstacles with prayerful support

discover what if feels like to be truly heard

explore how to deepen your connection with God

cultivate a life of delight according to your God-given wiring

gain long-term impact with a short-term investment

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Coach Training that Takes You Deeper

Cherie Zack
Counselor and Coach at

Elisa gave us more than just content, as she shared life lessons to help us gain a deeper understanding regarding the impact we were going to have on our clients as life coaches. Those lessons drew me closer to God. I encourage you to jump fully into the life coach training course. You will not regret!

Alida Barnes

Coaching with Elisa Changed My Life

Alida Barnes

It is not an overstatement to say that working with Elisa has changed my life!  God has used her wisdom, question-asking skills, and passion for God in such a powerful way.  Elisa has a gentle, loving way of approaching our time together that challenge me and give me actionable steps to move in the direction I feel God is leading me. She is not afraid to step into the hard places with me. She constantly points toward the Lord. I have learned to be vulnerable, insightful, and more in love with God from spending time with Elisa. 

Esther Littlefield

Find Your Direction with Coaching

Esther Littlefield
Speaker and Writer at

If you’re really having trouble making decisions or determining where you should be spending your time, a life coach might be a good option to help you find balance and direction. I’ve worked with Elisa Pulliam and I’ve been so blessed by her guidance and encouragement. 


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