Elisa Pulliam

Elisa is the founder of More to Be, a trained life coach with an emerging speciality in trauma-focused equine-assisted coachingcoach trainer, mentor, and speaker passionate about helping women experience a fresh encounter with God and His for the sake impacting the next generation with Kingdom hope. She is the author of Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits Leading to Real Life Change, and Unblinded Faith: Gaining Spiritual Sight Through Believing God's Word, along with numerous books and bible studies for women and teen girls. When she's not home caring for her family, you can find Lisa horseback riding and serving on the leadership team of an equine-assisted therapy farm. She considers her first calling as wife to Stephen and mother to her four growing-up-too-fast children.

God Who Sees

The God Who Sees | Encounter God #3

Do you feel like God sees you? Does it feel like you are living behind a wall that God has chosen to not step behind? Maybe you’re aware of His sights set on you, but to everyone else, you appear to be invisible. What options do you have but to feel like you do? Circumstances seem to prove your feelings true, right? Maybe you feel like Sarai did, worried that God might not show up to keep His promises. Maybe you’re tempted like her, to start plotting and scheming a new way to solve a problem He seems to have…

How to Handle All Those Triggers with Amber Lia on the More to Be Podcast

How to Handle All those Triggers: Interview with Amber Lia {Podcast 504}

Are you tired of your over-reactions to life’s everyday issues? Have you lost hope that your marriage will ever get out of this rut? Maybe you’re utterly spent emotionally, totally depleted of reserves, and feel like you’ll never be the wife or mama you imagined? As I often say, “Sister, you’re not alone. There is hope.” This latest episode on the More to Be Podcast reiterates that message for every weary woman, every triggered mama, every disheartened wife. Amber Lia, author of Marriage Triggers with her husband, Guy, and co-author of Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses,…

Wednesday in the Word: God Most High

God Most High | Encounter God #2

What comes to mind when you hear the expression, “God Most High?” Do you picture Him floating above the clouds? Can you see His fingerprints spread across the globe, touching every mountain peak and the deepest valley below the ocean blue? Maybe you are in a season in which you feel forsaken by the God Most High. Or maybe you’ve discovered that your best option is to cry out to God Most High, begging for His protection, provision, or redemption.  My shield is God Most High,    who saves the upright in heart. Psalm 7:10 NIV God is our shield. He is God Most…

More to Be Podcast, Episode 501

It’s Time to Be, Not Do: Encountering God Afresh {Podcast #501}

What do you think it looks like to simply be present with God? Maybe you’ve been so caught up in the “doing” of your faith, you’ve lost sight of the relationship you can have with Him. Well, it’s time to get back to the basics, push off our misconceptions, and really get to encounter God this year together. On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, we kick-off 2020 with Season 5 and a year-long focus on Encounter God Afresh. It’s time to not only be in the Word but seek to know God’s character through studying His names…

Creator God

Our Creator God | Encounter God Series {1}

Who is the Lord to you? Do you see Him as the everlasting God, creator of all the earth? Or do you find yourself questioning His design? Wondering about His purposes in making you, those you love and the ones you’re not such a fan of? Maybe you’re tripped up by the brokenness all around you. By the evidence of a world that seems worn down and out of resources. Take heart, my friend. God is still on the throne. He is our everlasting God. The Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary, even when we…

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