Coach Training for Women

gain the skillset, mindset, and tools to help you
grow personally and serve others effectively

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Life Coach Training Course for Women

There is no other more relevant, more biblically sound, more affordable, more practical coach certification course on the market. 

You will gain the skillset, mindset, and tools to serve others in all seasons and stages of life.

You will learn the techniques needed to listen well and ask thought-provoking questions.

You will discover that being an effective leader, helper, friend, spouse, parent, and leader isn't as hard as you thought.

You will grow emotionally and spiritually as you experience first-hand what your future clients will receive from working with you.

You will learn how to launch a coaching business, integrate it into your ministry, and seamlessly use the skills in every relationship.

Course Fees

You have the choice of taking a group course, which means there will be other students participating, or a solo course, which means I will teach you privately. You can also request your own start date and time, or jump into a class that is already being offered. The rates, set by Life Breakthrough, are as follows:

  • Group Course Rate:  $798.00 USD (pay in full or 3 payments of $266.00)*
  • Solo Course Rate:  $996.00 USD (pay in full or 3 payments of $332.00)*

Your Commitment

Whether you opt for a group or solo course, the commitment is the same:

  • 10-week course with one hour weekly online live teaching session
  • two to three hours of homework per week using course materials and textbooks
  • buddy coaching practice with another classmate or a self-selected practice client
  • certification of either Biblical Life Coach or Life Breakthrough Coach offered by Life Breakthrough Academy

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Elisa did a beautiful job with instructing my ministry team (yes, we did the course together) on the principles of coaching. And she gave us so much more than just content, as she shared life lessons to help us gain a deeper understanding regarding the impact we were going to have on our clients.  I learned a lot about myself as those lessons drew me closer to God. If you're on the fence,  I encourage you to jump fully in. You will not regret it for a moment. ~ Cherie Zack, Certified Biblical Counselor and Life Coach

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Course Content

The course is steeped in biblical principles and gives you the skills to coach a client through any situation. You'll also learn the difference between counseling and coaching as well as how to launch a coaching practice.

The topics include:

Introduction to Life Coaching – What is Christian Life Coaching? – Coaching versus Other Methods – The Benefits of Life Coaching –  Qualifications of a Good Coach – Qualifications of a Good Client

Core Coaching Competencies – Active Listening Skills – Attitudes, Skills and Choices – Obstacles to Listening – Coaching in the Gap – Asking Powerful Questions – Standard Coaching Techniques

Biblical Identity Coaching – Understanding Personal Identity – Positional Identity Theft – Biblical vs. Secular Worldviews – Getting a God-Sized Perspective

Personal Values Coaching – Living a Values-Driven Life – Ownership of Values – A Coach’s Own Values – Values-Driven Coaching – A Core Values Assessment

Life Purpose Coaching – Discovering Our Uniqueness – Coaching Around Life Purpose – Self-Discovery Gifts Toolbox – Motivators or Motivational Gifts – Passion Indicators and Exercises – Reading Your Life Backwards – Giving Permission to Dream – Vision and Mission Statements

Obstacles and Margins Coaching – Primary External Barriers – Primary Energy Drainers – Assessing Life Balance – Primary Internal Barriers – Getting Past the Barriers – Coaching Through Change

Renewed Mindset Coaching – Importance of Mindset Coaching – The Power of a Life Lie – The Power of Biblical Truth – Coaching Through False Beliefs

Choices and Goals Coaching – Philosophy of Choice – The Power of a Decision – Our Choice Processes – Questions for Change – The Power of Incremental Change – Intelligent Goal Setting – Strategic Action Steps

Powerful Questions and Assessments – Powerful Question Charts – Client Worksheets and Assessments – Goals and Actions Planner – Personal Client Coaching Plan

Coaching For Results – Real-Life Coaching Scenarios – Coaching Forms and Documents – Marketing and Practice Building Training – Membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance™

Elisa Pulliam, Founder of More to Be

About Your Instructor

Elisa Pulliam was certified as a life coach with Life Breakthrough Academy in 2011 and a year later joined their family-owned company as an instructor. 

To her great delight, she has been teaching the course and equipping women around the world to launch their own coaching practice ever since. She remembers the day she enrolled as a student seeking to simply gain a credential and expertise to add to her role as the founder of More to Be, mentoring advocate, mentor, and speaker.

She had no idea coaching would become her passion, ministry, and career. 

Training Changed Me!

When I was a student, I came to understand how I skillfully God designed me and how to join Him in His work.  I discovered for the first time, truly, how to listen effectively and reach out to others in a gentle and approachable manner. What a difference it made in my parenting and marriage! Now I delight in teaching other women the same skill set, no matter how they want to use it. - Elisa Pulliam

Practical Support for Graduates

Coach2Coach Partnership

Through a combination of coaching and consulting, I'll help you define the next steps for building a profitable coaching practice. 

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Ignite Missional Marketing Course

Discover how to approach marketing through serving instead of selling so that you can reach your ideal client and get your coaching practice thriving.

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Great for Moms

I felt so blessed to have the tools in my hands to coach my 21-year-old son. I know that he walked away from the convo with much more clarity and some action steps he was going to take, and didn’t feel judged by me. It was also great to assure him that I had intentionally taken off my “Mom Hat” and was listening, reflecting back and asking questions to help him get from where he was to where he wants to go, and that it was about his dreams and desires, (not mine). At the end of the conversation, my son thanked me, and I thank God for His leading and guidance and for the newly learned skills and tools I have already acquired through the life coach training course. - Beth

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