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  • Rethinking Our Soul Selfies
    Rethinking our Soul Selfies
    I recently read a post about something author, editor, and speaker Jeff Gerke called “soul selfies.” He says a soul selfie is, “the deepest, most firmly believed snapshot of who we really, truly are in our most essential self.” Have you ever thought about your soul selfie? How do you define yourself deep down? Not the self you want people to see, not the person you present to the world, but the self you fear everyone will discover? We all struggle with this, and it might be different for each walk of life. Sometimes, though, these are labels we...
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  • PREORDER Meet the New You
    How to Make a Fresh Start Each Day
    That blaring alarm screams at you to get up and get going, meanwhile all you want to do is roll over and snag another doze (multiplied a dozen times, at least). Maybe that’s how your morning starts. Or maybe you’re like me, and the alarm only confirms that it’s time to start the day, physically speaking. Does your mind, like mine, kick into gear long before the beep, beep, beep demands your feet hit the floor? Yes, my mind races faster than my heart beats, as I consider all the details of the day ahead. I’ve been this way forever, and the results...
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  • How do you find a mentor?
    How do you find a mentor?
    Are you longing for a mentor? Maybe you’re like the woman I was talking with recently, lamenting just that fact. Honestly, she seemed like the type that would be surrounded with mentors, and yet she had this ache in her heart for older women to come around her at church and nurture her life. She wanted the seasoned women of this world to speak into her soul and overflow onto her their hope, perspective, insight.     Who doesn’t want a mentor like that?! But where do you find them? That’s the topic I’m taking a closer look at...
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