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  • Pray So You Can See
    Pray So You Can See
    For some reason, teenagers feel the most vulnerable around the same time their mommas are ready to go to bed. Like clockwork, that’s when their hearts begin to bubble up with honest emotions and they are finally ready to talk. My girl definitely needed to talk, as tears streamed down her face shortly after I said I was going to head to bed. The Holy Spirit forced me into a u-turn as I sat down next to her at the table. She began to describe something that happened to her early that day at school. It was so hard...
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  • Feathers Podcast
    Listening, Obeying, and Saying Yes to God
      Want a peak in my life as of late and how I got to this place of embracing real life transformation? It was an honor to be a guest on Amy Bennett’s podcast, Feathers, which is all about sharing God stories of obedience and faith. Amy and I had the chance to chat about my faith journey in the context of motherhood and the dynamics of balancing my passion for “work” with the desire to be an intentional mom and wife. There is sooooooooo much to that story, including how I got to the point of writing Meet the New...
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  • When You Feel Like You’re Standing Still in Your Dreams
    When You Feel Like You’re Standing Still in Your Dreams
    I’m a journal girl. I love picking one with a cute design or an inspiring scripture verse on the front. I find it refreshing to open up a new journal to the first blank page. Ah, I just love the process of putting pen to paper on that first page. I know you’re probably thinking that since I’m a writer (and I struggle to type that title and take myself seriously), of course I should love that process. But here’s the thing: that feeling lasts for a few weeks and then I get bored with my new journal. I still...
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