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  • How to Cultivate Passion & Purpose
    How to Cultivate Passion & Purpose
    Have you engaged in an activity or embraced a responsibility that you didn’t want to end, even after you expended all your physical energy? Is there a cause or a need that you feel all fired up about? Do you find yourself happily volunteering your time, without counting the cost, even if you don’t get one bit of recognition or financial gain for your sacrifice? Maybe you’ve had the opposite experience, like being stuck with a job or in a social situation that drained the life out of you. Or maybe you’ve felt frustrated, overwhelmed, or unprepared for a...
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  • Mentoring Study
    Answering the Call to Mentor
    I remember when my friend Emily announced that she was going to ask our older friend Sherry to mentor her. My heart twisted ugly, in part jealousy and part pride. Or course, I wanted Sherry to mentor me, and so I was upset that Emily got first dibs. At the same time, I didn’t want to admit my need for a mentor. In my early twenties, I was all about proving myself capable — to my family, to my husband, and within the Christian community God planted us. The vocabulary simple wasn’t there to ask for help. Nor did...
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  • Podcast on Mud Stories
    When Beauty Emerges from the Mud
    I’m honored to be on Mud Stories with Jacque Watkins as we discuss what the process of transformation has looked like for me. In particular, we dive into the personal side of dealing with anger and moving forward in forgiveness. I love this thought that I’m certain came from the Lord: Giving our mud to God doesn’t change the past, or erase the circumstances of our present, but it does provide a way to no longer carry it into our future. We can be free. What does it look like for you to be free of the mud? To free of...
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