Holy Whole

Guiding You Into Wellness  Through
Wholehearted Devotion to God

Would you like to experience wellness in your heart and mind as well as body?

It's so easy to focus on one area of our lives and neglect others.

We become super attentive to our spiritual growth, maybe even digging into our heart issues and mindset, yet we neglect to care for our bodies.

It's too easy to super-spiritualize our Christian walk, investing in our quiet time and serving and giving while putting off the stewardship of our bodies.

Maybe that's where you find yourself today, with a little too much weight hanging on your hips. With your endurance waning. With nagging health issues and no understanding of what is causing them or how to get rid of them.

Well, that has been your story up to this point, but now you have the opportunity to make lasting change.


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    I want you to seek God to discover what changes you need to make in order to live the best life He's called you too.

    No, I'm not going to give you a food plan, as I'm not a nutritionist. I won't tell you how to exercise, as I'm not a trainer. I won't even tell you what healthy stewardship looks like for you.

    What I will do is help you connect your heart and mind to the stewardship of your body by considering what being wholeheartedly devoted to God looks like through taking on your holy identity in Christ.

    Think of this as the opportunity to delve into the Word to draw out the truth that will reveal the obstacles that keep you from wellness. And as God reveals to you the way your habits and hang-ups are holding you hostage, He'll give you a game plan for moving forward.

    When you make the Holy Whole Program a starting point for change, you'll experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word leading to the kind of life transformation you crave, both inside and out.

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    Holy Whole

    The Downloadable Workbook

    It's too easy to super-spiritualize our Christian walk, investing in our quiet time and serving and giving while putting off the stewardship of our bodies on hold.

    Maybe that's where you find yourself today, with a little too much weight hanging on your hips. Maybe your endurance waning because you’re out of shape. Maybe it’s nagging health issues. If that is where you find yourself, I’m here to give you hope that there is a way out. You can change! You can experience the freedom from guilt and shame.

    You can wholeheartedly care for your emotional, spiritual, and physical health!

    Our journey may not look the same, but the way forward is — to make the decision to walk in wholehearted devotion to the Lord. The goal is for you to seek God for wisdom and direction to discover your steps towards wellness as a holy whole woman.

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    Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Group

    Includes the Downloadable Workbook

    Isn't it time to see your body as the vehicle God chooses to work through, and thereby deciding that taking care of it is holy and wholly necessary work?

    The Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program is about helping you discover how God wants you to steward the care of your body by uncovering the beliefs behind your habits, the obstacles standing in your way, and the vision that will motivate you toward lasting change and wellness.

    If you're ready to tackle your health in a totally unique, Scripture-soaked, accountability-rich way, then the Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program is for you.

    Holy Whole 30-Day Challenge Coaching Group #MoreToBe #Wellness #Holiness
    Elisa Pulliam, Founder of More to Be

    My health issues were prohibiting me from joining God in His work every day.

    Maybe that is how you feel right now too.

    Sister, our bodies house the very heart and mind God wants to use.

    Yes, some of our health issues can't find healing this side of heaven. But too often we allow our health issues to be an excuse from stewarding our bodies well. We all have a choice of what we put into our mouths as much as we have a choice about what we listen to and watch. So why is it important to guard ourselves again toxicity in what goes into our minds and hearts but not also what we take into our bodies.

    Removing the "bad" is never easy. Making choices to go against the crowd is hard. Carving out time for the "good" is hard. Yet I think we'd all agree that the effort is worth it.

    MIND: Choosing to spend more time in the Word most definitely will change the way we think about God.

    HEART: Choosing to release the pain stored up in our hearts through the process of confession and forgiveness most definitely removes the bitterness from our words.

    BODY: Choosing to eliminate sugar and processed foods from our diets most definitely lead to weight loss, less inflammation-related pain, and more energy.

    I know. That's the hard truth. I've been so confident about sharing these truths related to the heart and mind for the last decade, as God has done His work in me, but I've kept my body off-limits until now . . . because there was nothing I could say about it prior to what I've most recently experienced.

    Through physical pain, God led me into physical transformation.

    Over a three month period, what I experienced was shocking to not only me but also my family. They couldn't believe the transformation in my appearance and habits . . . and neither could I!

    • I lost 10 pounds in the first month and almost 30 pounds in six months without being hungry or increasing my exercise
    • I recognized my food addictions and broke the strongholds, especially in regards to sugar and my food cravings.
    • I resisted the temptations weekly until there weren't any temptations left.
    • I experienced fewer body aches and pains.
    • I actually fit into my clothes and no longer felt uncomfortable physically or emotionally.
    • I craved healthier food for the first time because my taste buds changed!
    • Most importantly, I completely eliminated my gut issues bringing peace back to my life!

    Most importantly, I discovered that wholehearted devotion to God includes caring for my mind, heart, and BODY.

    That's what I want you to discover too.


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