The Kaleo Program

The Kaleo Program encourages you to prayerfully and purposefully give voice to your calling by exploring, embracing, and engaging in God’s work in and through your life. It’s a multi-phase approach that combines 8 life coaching sessions, including the Highlands Assessment, with focused coaching and consulting sessions created to bring about clarity and vision for your life today.

Kaleo means called.

. . . as in Jesus was called the Messiah and He also called the disciples.

It’s one of my favorite words because it sings of hope and promise, purpose and perspective, especially as it is used in one of my most treasured verses.

1 Peter 2:9 NIV

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

We’re not here by accident. We are chosen. We’re not an “oops” or mistake. We are holy. We’ve not messed up so badly that we can’t be redeemed. We’ve been taken as God’s special possession through Jesus Christ. We have something valuable to share with others. Oh yes, we get to tell the story of what God has done and is doing in our lives. 

Do you want to find and embrace your calling?

Embracing your callings (yes, plural) is the process of joining God in His work.

It’s about surrendering our time and talents to His purposes.

It’s about savoring this moment while hopefully anticipating the next.

It’s about considering how God wants to use our unique personality and life experiences in a kingdom-focused way.

Defining our calling isn’t about coming up with a label. It’s about pursuing God to show us how to steward our gifts and talents, time and resources, relationships and responsibilities well. It’s about being honest about at that thing that makes us tick  . . . that dream we want to see realized . . . while saying YES to the here and now. It’s about savoring the moment and yet embracing the future potential. This process, my friend, is what The Kaleo Program is all about.


How does The Kaleo Program work?

The Kaleo Program offers a multi-phase approach that combines life coaching with consulting to arrive at clarity and vision regarding today and the future.

Pick a Track

The coaching combined with consulting approach makes the Kaleo Program ideal for every woman in a variety of ministry, missional, and career endeavors. You can pick a track from below for your focus or request to include multiple areas within your Kaleo Program experience.

Voice {Speakers}

The Voice track is designed to equip speakers with the ability to hone in on their message and presentation style, cultivate a robust platform, and pursue opportunities that are consistent with their values, hopes, and schedule.

Words {Writers}

The Words track supports writers seeking to develop their craft and explore publishing options through honing in on personal voice, platform growth, proposal writing, marketing, branding, and launching their finished work.

Heart {Speakers u0026amp; Writers}

This track is really a combination of Voice and Words, as it’s designed for a writer and speaker who is seeking to develop their message and hone in on the ways God would like to use their story and gifting.

Soul {Spiritual Growth}

The Soul track is designed to come alongside women seeking to grow spiritually through exploring the disciplines of faith as it pertains to Scripture study, prayer, worship, and service in light of their God-given wiring, life experience, and life stage.

Lead {Ministry u0026amp; Business}

Lead is all about supporting women in a variety of leadership roles, from running a ministry at church to leading their own organization or ministry with a staff of 2 or 200 through discovering how their God-given wiring and experience speaks to the most effective way they can lead.

Discovery {Personal Growth}

Discovery meets every single woman right where she is and helps her pinpoint how to join God in His work today, through a focus on understanding their unique personality type, learning style, and spiritual giftings.

Missional Life {Motherhood and/or Marriage}

Missional Life considers the significant ministry of motherhood and marriage by enabling a woman to develop priorities, vision, and balance in her role as a mother and/or wife in light of God’s design and purposes.

What if you embraced all of your God-given callings?

Embrace the Process

Over the course of eight 45-minute coaching sessions, spaced over 16 weeks, the following areas of focus will be explored, using the KALEO model:

K – Know:

Look at the life story God has written in through life in a way that acknowledges the blessings and trials honestly while gaining hope for today and purpose for tomorrow.

A – Assess:

Pinpoint your God-given personality, learning style, problem-solving approach, spiritual gifting using the Highlands Battery Assessment and other tools.

L – Listen: 

Through taking time to look at where you find your passion and joy, we’ll consider all your dreams, hopes, likes, and dislikes, as you seek God for His perspective and listen to His leading.

E – Embrace: 

Develop a practical life plan for embracing your current responsibilities and relationships with a focus on God-given priorities.

O – Open: 

Open your heart and mind to the possibilities of what may come next as you begin the process of dreaming and embracing the next season of life.

 Get Started

If you would like to experience the benefits of The Kaleo Program, you can jump-start the process by completing this form.  The fee for the Kaleo Program is $699. If you pay in full, you can save $49 or make two payments of $349.50. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me using this form.

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About Your CoachElisa Pulliam - Coach, Author, Speaker

Elisa Pulliam is the author of Meet the New You and founder of the ministry More to Be. She is a certified life coach, coach trainer, mentor, and speaker who is passionate about inspiring women to experience authentic life transformation through a fresh encounter with God for the sake of impacting the next generation.

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