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Just about every mentor, mother, and ministry leader is on a search for resources that will respond to the spiritual and emotional needs of those they love and serve. That’s why we’re passionate about equipping today’s women with practical, biblically steeped resources to use with the next generation.

We consider these resources tools to help you grow brave, bold, bright and beautiful, while inviting the next generation to join you in the journey of becoming more like Christ!

These resources are are ideal for personal growth, perfect for using one-on-one in mentoring relationship, or in leading an ETC mentoring group, or putting on an event.


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This collection of ID Cards invites you to remember His hope and promises no matter the place of struggle or strength you find yourself in your faith journey.

This collection of ID Cards will continually inspire you to live brave, bold, bright, and beautiful as a child of God.

The One2One Mentoring Ministry handbook is a tool for equipping womens ministries to implement a mentoring ministry at their church.

In this particular resource, you get the first 10 principles from the Brave Women Manifesto in a devotional study format. It's great for individual use, with an accountability partner, or in groups.

The Seven Strategies for Navigating Social Media and Screens with Your Tweens and Teens resource functions like a workbook as well as educational tool for developing a plan that works for your family.

Join a community of Christ-following women pursuing God purposefully for authentic life change and legacy-leaving impact. This is what is means to be BRAVE and BOLD, BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL! The Brave Women Manifesto is an individual mission to come together as sisters in Christ, spurring one another on in a like-minded, biblically-rooted, missional-bent life purpose.

Impact Together includes relevant information about the unique generational differences as well as a blend of biblical principles, relevant illustrations, life coaching techniques, and creative ideas for simplifying mentoring will equip you to embrace impactful, healthy, and God-honoring relationships with the women He has already placed in your life.

The Meet the New You Mother and Daughter Discussion Guide is a perfect tool for connecting with your tween, teen, or 20-something girl(s), while equipping them with Biblical wisdom and practical insights for living a life of deeply rooted faith.

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This special bundle includes all the PDF (digital downloadable files) for the Journey to Freedom and Mosaic Bible studies for one special price.

This 5-chapter study is designed to help girls discover their life purpose as they embrace the way God made them unique and learn how to shine their God-color in this world. Included in this bundle is the PDF version of the Participant Guide & Leader's Guide.

This bundle includes the teen edition, 20something version, leader's guide and bonus graphics for the Journey to Freedom study.

This resource bundle is designed to touch the hearts of tween girls on a topic that is timely, tender, and totally necessary to cover: how to cultivate healthy friendships, starting first with kindness.

This resource is designed to help you simply and purposefully reach out to the girls the Lord has placed in your world as you help them discover how to navigate relationships in a way that makes kindness cool.

This concise resource will give you the starting point for engaging your teen's heart as you navigate the dating discussion and decision-making process together.

This Leader's Guide is designed to support a mom, mentor, or leader bring a teen girl or group of girls through the Mosaic Bible Study.

This 5-chapter study is designed to help girls discover their life purpose as they embrace the way God made them unique and learn how to shine their God-color in this world.

The Restart Planner coincides with the content you’ll find in Meet the New You. That’s because it's designed to help you carry out those fresh attitudes and focused habits throughout the year.

This 4-part study is designed to help girls discover their God-given identity and the freedom that comes with knowing whose you are and who you are in light of Biblical truth!

This 4-part study, customized for an 20 something gal, is designed to help her discover her God-given identity and the freedom that comes with knowing whose you are and who you are in light of Biblical truth!

This leader's guide is designed to help a mom, mentor, or youth leader engage the next generation in the pursuit of discovering their God-given identity in light of Biblical truth!

This guide is packed with ideas for helping moms, mentors, and leaders impress upon tweens, teens, and 20 something girls the power and potential of living beautiful in the skin you're in.

The Redefining Beauty resource bundle is complete with handout, pledge, checklist, and printable bookmark designed to communicate that beauty is found by living for the glory of God in the skin we're in.

This resource offers a collection of over 100 questions designed for you to use with your mentoree to encourage lively conversations as well as accountability and spiritual growth.

This resource is especially designed for moms, mentors, and youth leaders who would like to tackle the topic of dating and relationships with tween, teen, or twenty-something girls.

The Dating resource is especially designed for tween, teen, or twenty-something girls to practically consider every aspect of dating and relationships from a Biblical perspective.

God desires that we shine more bright, more beautiful, more like Jesus every day. This devotional study will help the next generation embrace that calling today!

This resource is all about encouraging and challenging the next generation to consider how live in a way that keeps the big picture in mind as they choose to build their life according to biblical truth!

The ONEdegree resources encourages teens to consider how to respond their temptations, control their emotions, consider their beliefs, make wise decisions, and act in ways that are consistent with Scripture.

Do you know your core beliefs? Can you pinpoint if they are consistent with Scripture? Download this resource designed to help you pinpoint what you believe and how it's influencing your life.

Inspired by the 100 Things I Want to Tell Teen Girls, this list of biblical truths is all about encouraging and equipping moms and mentors in ways they can impact the next generation.

This resource offers wisdom to a girl seeking answers, a word of comfort for a mom uncertain of what to say as she listens to her daughter, and an inspiring challenge to women who need to step into significant mentoring roles.

The Conquering Conflicts resource offers a simple look at what causes conflict and how to work through it while putting into place healthy boundaries.

The Get Real download will help you evaluate your relationship with God and inspire you to embrace truth-based, grace-filled faith.

In the Worthy download you will take a sprint through Ephesians to discover your high calling and worth in Christ and how to engage purposefully in the world around you.

The Modesty resource offers answers to the most asked question about modesty and what beauty looks like from the inside out looks like.

The Forgiveness resource describes 10 steps to take to move toward forgiving others.

This Wired Up resource enables a discovery of personality types and spiritual gifts as well as a super simple personality quiz.

The Overlooked resource will help you embrace 10 simple steps for moving out from feeling overlooked as you find true significance.

The Give Me Love resource dives deep into discovering God's love and how He expresses it to us, as well as looking at why our understanding about love is so misinformed.

The Live Brave resource will help you discover how to live brave with courageous faith.

The Truth About Friendship resource considers every aspect of friendship, from how to make lasting friends to knowing how to deal with difficult ones and even how to know when to walk away.

Download this resource to discover five ways to respond when God says no.

Already Enough {Because You're Chosen} combines identity-rich Scripture truths with every-day living application.

This resource will help leaders in all positions and stages of life cultivate leadership skills and vision with the goal of serving others to the best of one's ability.

This resource will enable mentors, moms, and ministry leaders hone in on their leadership approach, while training up their team or a group of teens in leadership skills and vision with the goal of serving others to the best of one's ability.

The Accountability Partnership resource is filled with questions and step-by-step instructions to help you cultivate a healthy accountability relationships.

Toss a bit of creativity together with a tiny little Bible study and you’ll deliver a whole lot of truth and good dose of laughter to your special gaggle of tween girls.

Why not host a Pizza Party themed Tween Bible Study as a way to connect with your girl and her friends in a meaningful, heart-changing way? This resource will help you do just that!

It is time to live life according to truth, not myth or opinion. Download this quick study and invite the Holy Spirit to reshape your thinking according to the Word.

The Relationships is all about making sense of our relationships with God, guys, friends, and family as we consider the way were are designed to glorify God through through serving one another in love.

The Top 10 Ideas for Getting into the Word resource offers practical suggestions for developing the discipline of reading the Bible.

This resource is packed full of encouraging ideas for establishing a prayer life and inspiration for engaging in an open dialogue with God.

Don’t simply survive summer! Instead, set goals for your personal, emotional, and spiritual life, so that your summer vacation leaves you changed for the better without regretting days vanished into nothingness.

The Equipped resources provides a wonderful way to establish a personal mission and life vision, along with pinpointing a word or theme to focus on for the year ahead, and setting short-term goals.

This bundle includes all of the ID Cards {Collections 1 - 4} in four downloadable files for your personal use. Makes great gifts and artwork to frame and display in your home or office.

ID Cards are Scripture truths designed to be printed, posted, and shared as gifts and decor items to remind you and those you love about their identity in Christ.

ID Cards are Scripture truths designed to be printed, posted, and shared as gifts and decor items to remind you and those you love about their identity in Christ.

This guide is packed full of ideas for mentors, moms, and youth leaders to host a Refresh study, party, or retreat for girls with the focus on being refueled and refreshed by God.

The Refresh resource provides practical, Biblical insight for discovering out how to experience true refreshment!

You may not have a degree or beautiful diploma to qualify you for motherhood, but you have been hand picked by God to carry out this high calling. This resource will remind you of your value and purpose as a mom.

This resource is especially designed to encourage moms to grab moments throughout a YEAR (not a month, that would be just crazy!) to connect with their tween, teen, and even 20 something daughter.

This grace-filled, customizable guide offers you a framework to get started praying for your children on purpose using Scripture.

Are you ready to finally let go of guilt once and for all? This devotional study will help you begin the life-long process (includes a version for moms & teens).

This guide is designed to encourage and equip moms in the high calling of parenting tweens and teens using effective and practical biblical principles for parenting.

In the this resource, you'll find 21 questions for you to ask your tween and teen, which covers everything from relationships to spiritual growth to the influences and pressures they face.

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