Impact Mentoring Training Course

The Impact Mentoring Training Course, taught by life coach and life-long mentor, Elisa Pulliam, will equip you to step into a biblically-based mentoring relationships while also igniting your faith and inspiring to follow Christ distinctly.

Impact Mentoring Online Training Course


Regardless of your age, stage, or career path, the Impact Mentoring Training Course is designed to equip you to mentor biblically in every type of relationship and responsibility.

This training, which is designed for both individual use and to go through together as a group, is perfect perfect for:

  • Moms, Aunts, Grandmas
  • Youth Leaders
  • Women’s Ministry Leaders
  • Pastor’s Wives
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Bible Study Leaders and Coordinators
  • Missionaries
  • Youth Mentors
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center Volunteers
  • Homeless Shelter Volunteers
  • Prison Ministry Workers

Regardless of your role, you’ll gain the skill you need to reach those you’re serving more effectively as you develop a mentoring skill-set.


Impact Mentoring Online Training Course


The Impact Mentoring Training Course will simplify the mentoring process and offer you great inspiration for stepping out in faith and impacting the world around you.

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • Why we’re better together from biblical perspective.
  • The challenges of generational differences and how to connect more effectively with those older and younger.
  • What to do with the excuses that keep you from stepping into mentoring relationships.
  • How to approach mentoring relationships naturally.
  • How to create healthy structure and boundaries in mentoring.
  • Ways to listening more effectively and respond with compassion.
  • Steps to take to ensure you’re in a good place to mentor.

Each of the five modules includes:

  • Video-Based Session with Audio and Visual Slides
  • Key Verse Download
  • Worksheet Download

Don’t forget the bonuses:

  • Downloadable Leader’s Guide Complete with Discussion Questions and Activity Ideas
  • One2One Mentoring Ministry Handbook for Launching a Mentoring Ministry
  • ETC Mentoring Gathering Guide for Launching a Mentoring Group
  • Trap & Transform Download
  • Coaching “Cheat Sheet” Download
  • $25 Off Coupon for the Highlands Ability Battery


If you’d like to grow as a mentor, this is the course for you.

Elisa promises to bring you wisdom steeped in Word with more than two decades of experience in mentoring the next generation. Plus, you’ll glean from her insights and skills drawn from her profession as a life coach and coach instructor, trained to know how to listen well and connect in meaningful, life-giving ways.


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Perfect for Individuals or Groups!

eap_head_20_cirlceAbout Your Instructor

Elisa Pulliam is a life-long mentor, life coach, coach trainer, author of Meet the New You and Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring SimplifiedShe is passionate about seeing women experience authentic life transformation for the sake of impacting the next generation. Her mission as owner of the Kaleo Agency, a life coaching and leadership development company, and as founder of More to Be, a ministry passionate about training and equipping women to mentor, is fueled by God’s redeeming work in her life and twenty-plus years in youth and women’s ministry.  She counts it a privilege to connect with other women online and in real life, and strives toward savoring each moment with her husband of 20 years, Stephen, and with their four tween and teenage children.

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