oneDegree: Determining Your Life Course


oneDEGREE: Determining Your Life Course

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About the oneDEGREE Guide

Do you look around at your friends, family, and the next generation and wonder, “How on earth did {we} end up like this?” All around us, our loved ones are struggling with making wise decisions. They are facing mounting temptations, challenging their commitment to God and living out the word.  They are buckling under the cultural influences, drowning out the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


Actually, we. 

We are struggling. 

And the next generation is watching.

And they are struggling, too.

They are looking to us for guidance and watching closely our example. With each next step, they are looking to see if we head in the right direction or wrong direction. And they are eager to know how to make their own decisions, too.

The oneDEGREE difference curriculum is all about making godly decisions in the big things and small things. This Dig Deep guide unpacks the free oneDEGREE handout and oneDEGREE poster, and is full of illustration points, questions, and activity ideas. It can be used to lead a group of guys, girls, or a co-ed youth group through a one-time event or a multi-week study. This guide is written in such a way that the content can be shared with a young group, such as 10 through 12 year olds, or by using more mature examples and illustrations, reach an older group of teens or twenty-somethings.

OneDEGREE will encourage you and the next generation to consider how live consistent with Scripture today.

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