Sisters, Together, on the Way

In the circle that You make sacred, Father, we lay down everything we are to You. We are gathered up, vulnerable and new in Your arms, fresh and clean and pure.

Baby girls, I hold you. Don’t worry about stumbling now.

Together, You scoop each of us up, and Your gaze melts us, gives us courage. In these arms, where we are protected, we want simply to be held, to stay. And then we rise with that truth of who we are.

I adore you.

Let us be daughters who, in the safety of Your arms, risk nothing and everything when we tell the truth of our heart. We feel fragile, we warrior-girls, when we let Your love in us pour out–offerings of love and truth for our neighbors, our friends, our spouses to hear. But in the telling of our stories we trust You with everything, for Your truth reminds us that we are Yours.

You rise with me, your fragility your strength. You are not your own.

Your truth rises and brings hope and heals us as we gather in even closer. Our hearts still pressing into Yours, Jesus, we gather each other up, in community. We are with You, now.

Your truth brings us life and we are encouraged and rise together.  The circle grows stronger.  We hear Your voice in our sister as she chooses you, showing us that You are enough. We see it in her.  Your truth is alive now, and we respond.

I am the One who comes to restore.  I am always enough for you.

Truth destroys all lies: the darkness, pressed down, cowers in the light. We look at our journeys with You, Jesus, the rising and falling, the stumbles again, into Your arms.  And we know where we are headed, see where You were even when the pain tried to blind us to You.  On the way, with You, You have never left.  You were in the darkest moments when we felt most alone, and in the moments of greatest joy, when we would sometimes forget:  it is all because of You.

Daughters, I come, and I do not forsake you.  I cleanse you and make you pure again. You are pure to Me. That is all I see.  I see the Father’s goodness in you.  My eyes for the Father, His eyes in me, are My vision.  Let me give you My vision.  Let Me restore you to Me.

Yes, restoration begins.  Arms gather round and hands gently hold shoulders as we bow and lift each other up to You–our prayers the song of Your girls. We are the daughters You gather and embolden to rise and live in the truth of Your name. We are Yours. Yes, we rise with You.  We see Your hand, know Your cleansing, stay in Your arms when You show us how to lift each other up.

You are My girls. Remember who you are. Beloveds, rise, for I hold You close. The truth in you is freedom. You become the freedom, My words in you, when you trust Me fully. Freedom has come.  In the truth that lives in you, I have set You free.

Here, at More to Be, we remember that we are one of His Girls. 

I invite you to listen to a song, “On the Way.”

What lines capture you? 

How might God be encouraging you to speak, with boldness,
your journey with Him?

Where has He been with You, and where is He now, with you, on the way?

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5 thoughts on “Sisters, Together, on the Way”

  1. This is the story of my last several days. I hadn’t put the words together yet, but the virtual embrace of my sisters from all the way through cyber-space kept me. I felt God’s hands, heard His Voice, felt His Love through their actions. What a blessing. Thank you for putting words to the issues of my heart.
    Peace and good to you in Jesus’ name.

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