Message Send Failure: How Strong Is Your Connection?

I am admittedly not the most tech-savvy person on the planet. But I do know how to use my cell phone to text. The other day I tried to send a message to someone and my phone responded with, “Message Send Failure.” I started to laugh and immediately thought to myself, “How often does God get that exact message when he is trying to tell me something?”

As I thought more about this, I realized that there are probably a lot of messages out there in cyber space that the Lord has tried to send me that I never received. And the fact that I never received them was certainly not due to operator error.

Message Send Failure


Message Send Failure

The fact that I may not have received many of the messages the Lord had for me was totally on me. I just chose, for one reason or another, not to receive them. I would like to think that my unwillingness or inability to receive what the Lord had for me was not intentional or willful. I would like to think that I just didn’t get “it” at the time.

When the message on my phone would not send, I retried, and retried until it finally went through. I would also like to imagine that my patient heavenly Father does the same with me.

I think He uses people and situations in my life to make sure that I finally get the message He is trying to send. Some messages, I know, have taken years and numerous tries. He is very patient. Others, I have gratefully and willingly received, I think, on the first try.

But however or whenever they come, I am grateful for a loving Savior who does communicate with me every day and never gives up on me. “Message Send Failure” does not deter Him, nor does it enable me to give up, give in, or lose hope.

The enemy of my soul will always try to weaken the signal between my heavenly father and myself, but it’s up to me to make sure that my “cell tower” is working properly and the messages can get through.

Reading His word daily, praying, attending church, fellowshipping with other believers, and abiding in His love are all ways that I can do my part to make sure that “Message Send Failure” happens less and less frequently in my life!

What steps can you take to hear more clearly from God?

1 thought on “Message Send Failure: How Strong Is Your Connection?”

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I can so relate to this article! Thank you for the reminder to stay in tune~connected to the Lord.
    I need to carve out some more quiet time with Him.


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