Christie Thomas

Christie is a wife, mom of three, and longtime Children's Ministry Director. She helps busy Christian moms share the hope of Christ with their kids. Check out her upcoming books! (

The harvest we receive is everlasting life. - Christie Thomas

Reaping the Harvest of Perseverance

My boys chattered loudly as we walked through the park. A small lump near the middle of the dried grass drew our attention, and we turned that way. Our eyes widened – we had never seen a turtle outside of a zoo before, and here was one in the middle of the park.  But it was not there by accident. We sat nearby to watch, and the turtle slowly stuck one back leg into a small hole. As we leaned closer, we could hear a scratching, then the foot came back out, carrying a tiny foot full of mud. The…

When God Calls You Deeper

When God Calls You To Go Deeper

You never know what adventures will happen when you submit your heart to God! My adventure began with a 40-day sugar fast, where the participants were encouraged to turn sugar cravings into God-cravings. Giving up sugar wasn’t as hard as I thought. But in the middle of the 40 days, I realized that I was depending more on my own willpower than on God. And thus began a journey that has taken me to surprising places.     In Proverbs 3:5-6 we are reminded to trust in God with all our hearts, leaning not on our understanding. I didn’t need…

A Gift that is Greater than Physical Healing

The Gift That is Greater Than Physical Healing

She shows up in three of the four gospels, meriting only two verses in Matthew, but much longer accounts from Mark and Luke. Why was this nameless woman so important to the gospel writers? I have such empathy for this woman. She had her period for twelve years solid, and no one could heal her. Not the official physicians, not the naturopaths, not the friends that prayed over her. But this wasn’t a simple matter of washing a lot of undergarments. No, not in ancient Israel. Leviticus 15:25-27 gives us a clue as to her fate for the past dozen…

When the Loneliness Becomes Overwhelming

When the Loneliness Becomes Overwhelming

I walked into the room and saw women standing in small groups. They laughed, comparing notes about their summers. I stood alone with my three small boys, watching. Eventually I dropped off my children in their classes and made my way to the larger group, waiting for the women’s Bible study to begin. In my head, I wanted anonymity, but my heart wanted to be known. You might assume I was new to the group, but I had been working at this church for the past 8 years. Unfortunately, working half-time left me with few free “home days” for playdates,…

Are you ready to tell your faith story?

Be Ready to Tell Your Faith Story!

The bell rang, and I squinted as fuzzy-looking people passed me in the hallway. I had no idea what time it was, because reading the clock meant pulling my glasses out of the depths of my backpack. Those around me were indistinct blurs, which allowed me to keep up my own invisibility shield. If I put the glasses on and those around me came into focus, I was afraid that they would see me in sharper focus, too. Not wanting to be looked at and found lacking, I preferred to keep myself at a distance from my fellow students for…


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