Kaitlyn Bouchillon

Kaitlyn is a lover of words and crazy about the power of story. She works as a Virtual Assistant for DaySpring, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Dukes Lee and several others. Her first book - Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between - is for girls who want to find God on every page of their story.

5 things to remember when it's finals week...

5 Things To Remember When It’s Finals Week

When you’re facing a tough week, what truths do you have to hold onto no matter what? Not too long ago I was trying to hold relationships, school, studying, preparing, finances, and basically all the things in my hands. Finals week had started and we all burrowed in libraries and study rooms, coffee running through our veins. These are the words I preached to myself then and the words I still remind myself of today, post-graduation. It turns out truth is always truth — not just during a stressful week. May these words encourage you and your teen, your college…

Nothing about who He is hangs in the balance of what story this page will tell.

If You’re Struggling Today, Read This

I’ve walked roads that I never would have chosen. I’ve been broken by love, shattered by those dear to me, and I’ve spent years praying for the same miracle. I have more questions than answers and please, tell me you’ve been there too, that you’ve walked some of these same roads? We say it often, that Jesus never told us it would be easy, but can we just say that sometimes life is plain hard? It is messy and complicated, confusing and full of unknowns. There are chapters of our stories we never would have chosen but here’s the truth:…

This Is Inner Beauty

Many months ago, God led me to write about the lies I often tell myself. A couple months later, I wrote a post I never once imagined writing, much less publishing. And then a couple months after that, I tapped away at a computer screen a little post about how it really is true: you already are enough. But notice how I skipped right over that middle post, the one I never wanted to write? A few months ago, God reminded me of those words – the ones about wearing a two-piece bathing suit in public for the very first time (at…

How to Handle Change and New Beginnings

There are two different kinds of “flying people.” There are those who smile with glee and sit on their hands to prevent from clapping over the adventure of it all, and then there are those whose knuckles turn white while gripping the awkwardly small armrests. I am very much a member of the first group. I’ve heard people talk about how they’re terrified of take off or how they get nervous when the landing gear comes down. I’ve heard the steady breathing in and out and in again. I’ve seen the wide eyes and the look of panic when the…

Letting Go of Worry

There are a lot of encouraging words spread around my room–verses and quotes that inspire and remind me of Whose I am. I need these. They’re daily reminders to a heart that easily entangles itself in worry and questions and doubts. Beloved, God chose you from the beginning. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. In all things God works for the good of those who love Him. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. They’re all pretty and encouraging, but as I looked around my room today, the natural sunlight playing…


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