Brave Together: A Devotional and {Mentoring} Conversation Starter

We’re not meant to go through life alone.

Finding the kind of community that speaks life into our souls can be so hard. Between shifting schedules and changing seasons, it can be logistically challenging to create a meaningful and consistent connection.

But hard doesn’t mean impossible!

Imagine linking arms with other women from every generation as you pursue God purposefully for your own authentic life change and legacy-leaving impact.

Imagine the soul nourishment that could come through unpacking Scripture truths together. Doesn’t that sound better than going it alone? And yet, the challenge is once you find these women, what do you do with them?

We’re designed to grow brave together with a circle of mentors spurring us on.

That’s where Brave Together comes in.

Inspired by the 52 Brave Women Manifesto principles, Brave Together is filled with thoughtful stories, heart-grabbing Scripture prayers, and life-changing application questions perfect for beginning the kind of conversation that cultivates connection and meaningful relationships.


Brave Together: Devoted to God and to Each Other


Isn’t it a perfect time for you to reach out to those women God has already placed in your life and invite them to grow braver, bolder, brighter, and more beautiful with you, becoming more like Jesus every day!

How to Use

Brave Together is built upon the Brave Women Manifesto, which is a collection of 52 biblical principles that remind us how to think biblically and live transformed. Within each chapter, you’ll find:

  • Brave Manifesto Principle
  • Key Verses and Recommended Readings
  • Connect {with God}: Scripture prayer to help you connect with God
  • Consider {the Word}: Devotional with biblical application principle
  • Cultivate {your Faith}: Application question and challenge

While Brave Together is wonderful for personal study, the vision is for you to use it with other women of all ages, stages, and seasons of life. Consider these possibilities:

Create a Brave Together Accountability Group

Invite one or more women to join you in reading Brave Together over the course of the year. Commit to a weekly check-in with each other over text, email, a Facebook group, Voxer (app for your phone) group, or in person, using the application question to share your thoughts with one another.

Pursue a Brave Together Mentoring Relationship

Invite a younger or older woman to commit to a six to twelve-month mentoring relationship using the principles found in Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring Simplified (available at and Amazon) and use Brave Together for your meeting time discussions.

Host a Brave Together Monthly Gathering

Gather a group of women or tween/teen/college age girls together for a monthly Brave Together Gathering and pick a couple of the devotions to discuss.

Lead a Brave Together Bible Study

Invite a group to join you for a more in-depth Bible study using a selection of the devotions to go deeper into the word for four to eight weeks at a time.

Use Brave Together as a Conversation Starter

Pick the individual devotions to start a conversation with your tween, teen, or college-age daughter to address a topic you would like to share from a biblical perspective.

Join us in the More to Be Tribe Facebook Group to read Brave Together in 2019

Throughout 2019, we’re committed to posting our Brave Principle and key verses to study using the R.A.W. Scripture Method in our More to Be Tribe Facebook Group. So grab a copy of the book and join us here.


Let's Become Brave Together

However you choose to use Brave Together, I pray that God will lead, guide, and equip you. You have the opportunity before you to experience God at work in you and through you as you seek Him purposefully.

It is a great idea to have a plan in regards to your mentoring commitment. Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring Simplified along with the Impact Mentor Training Course are great tools for cultivating healthy and simple mentoring relationships.

May God lead, guide, and equip you, as you seek to experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word so that you can live transformed and impact the next generation with Kingdom hope.

Brave Together: Devoted to God and to Each Other


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