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How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, Part 1

How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, Part 1

Have you ever considered how trauma may be impacting your brain and life . . . and especially your faith? Maybe you don’t think you’ve experienced trauma? Or that your trauma was from so long ago, it can’t possibly be part of your story now? The truth is that trauma has touched all of us at some point or another because trauma is nothing more than how our brain responds to a threat or fear of harm. When we understand it’s impact, we can pursue healing and encourage others to do the same. Each month, I’m joined by my network…

If Only We Truly Loved

If Only We Truly Loved . . .

Have you have considered the impact we might have in this world if only we truly loved others in the way God loves us? Maybe you feel like you’re doing a pretty good job at loving well. I certainly thought I was doing a good job until I realized that my kind of loving well is hurried, selfish, and agenda-driven. It’s been about my needs and desires. It’s about how I feel and what I want out of the relationship. On closer examination, maybe that’s the how you’re loving others, too. It’s what we’ve been conditioned for in this instant-gratification culture.…

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