Coach2Coach Partnership

There’s nothing like having your coach training certification under your belt yet feeling unsure about the next step to launch and grow your sustainable coaching practice.

Even as you round the bend into year two or three of running your own business, you might still feel uneasy, because every stage offers new challenges and requires refined direction.

Having a coach in your corner can be the most critical components to achieving your own success as a life coach.

You’re not meant to go at this alone, even if you are a solo-entrepreneur.

God designed for us to depend upon one another for encouragement, accountability, support, and most of all prayer.

As your coach, I know exactly how important this is to you because it’s just as important to me.

I will give you what I’ve always wanted and needed, serving you from the overflow of what other coaches and mentors have poured into me while bringing to you everything I’ve learned as a coach and business owner.


Even a life coach needs a coach!


What’s included?

The Coach2Coach Program provides certified life coaches the opportunity to create a clear vision for their coaching business or ministry along with providing a fabulous foundation on which to launch and grow.

In this package, as a new coach I will help you find:

1. clarity and vision for who you want to serve 

2. pinpoint what problem you want to solve for your client

3. decide how you want to serve them (packages and services)

4. determining where you’re going to find your clients

5. planning how you’re going to get your services out there

If you’ve been coaching for some time, we’ll evaluate your experience and determine the best steps going forward.

When you embrace this program, you’ll get:

  • three months of practical and necessary support
  • three 60-minute calls
  • four 30-minutes calls
  • ongoing email access to ask your questions at any time
  • priority access to the Christians Coaches Mastermind Group

The Coach2Coach Program is $499. Life Breakthrough coaches may request a $25 discount. To begin the process of working together, take a few minutes to complete this form and book your free consultation appointment.

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