Start a Group using the ETC Mentoring Gathering Format

What if I told you that an ETC Mentoring Gathering would fill your heart with joy and give you a deep sense a purpose?

Would you believe me enough to begin an ETC Mentoring Gathering at your home or church?

ETC stands for Evening Tea u0026amp; Chat . . . which was the name Elisa Pulliam, the founder of More to Be, had given to the rather spontaneous gathering of teenage girls at her home back in her boarding school days. The idea was simple:

  1. Evening – gather together one evening a month
  2. Tea – keep it simple by only offering tea
  3. Chat – discuss a topic relevant to the season and stage of life of those attending

She had one goal in mind: to provide a safe-haven for teen girls to connect, feel loved, and ask their questions about life’s pressing issues. As a part of that process, Elisa prepared a topic with a handout to send home with the girls. You’ll find all those handouts plus the Bible studies that emerged in our Shop. After teaching for about 10 minutes, she invited the girls to ask questions on index cards, really to keep one girl from dominating the time, and discovered that anonymity was key to transparency until everyone felt safe together. A decade later, ETC isn’t only for teen girls at a boarding school!

ETC Mentoring Gatherings

The ETC Mentoring Gathering format is perfect for connecting your people together and impacting their lives with Kingdom hope.

You can start an ETC Mentoring Gathering for:

  • tween girls
  • teen girls
  • 20-something girls
  • moms of your daughters
  • moms of your sons
  • your neighbors
  • a virtual meetup with long-distance friends

We’re here to support you as an ETC Leader.

You don’t need to worry about what to do or how to do it. We’ve got it all figured out:

  • Partnership
    Find at least one Christian woman to partner with you in hosting and leading your ETC ministry.  A group of two or three is ideal, but not necessary.
  • Location
    Pick a location, such as a home or church, for your gatherings.
  • Date u0026amp; Time
    Set a bi-monthly date with a 2-hour commitment.
  • Invite Your People
    Decide who you want to reach and serve, then get going on sending out invites via text message, email, social messaging, or a traditional invitation!
  • Tea
    Provide lots of hot water and a collection of tea bags for your people to grab upon their arrival.
  • Index Cards
    Have on hand a stack of index cards, pens, and a small basket. With a teen group, have them ask their questions on index cards. For an adult group, you might suggest they use the index cards for note-taking.
  • Use a Resource
    Pick a resource from the Shop to print out for yourself and the group.  Work through the topic in about 10 -15 minutes, teaching the main points.  If you’re working with an adult group, the Unblinded Faith Gathering Guide is a great option.
  • Qu0026amp;A Time
    While the topic is being taught, invite your people to write down questions — about anything — on index cards and toss them in a basket. Working with your ETC. partner, for the next forty minutes, take turns answering their questions with a Scripture reference in the context of life application.  Feel free to use a personal example, but remember that less is often more!  Also, make the most of our collection of Qu0026amp;As, especially if you’re leading a group of teens. If you don’t know an answer, skip that question with a mention to follow up one-on-one.
  • Prayer
    Close the time in prayer, then encourage a second cup of tea.
  • Linger Longer
    Instead of rushing to leave, take time to linger and sip tea, as this can be a wonderful time to be open for one-on-one conversations.

We would love to support your efforts and cover you in prayer as your ETC Mentoring Gathering launches. To register your group, click here.  We love being able to hear what God is doing and are eager to offer you ongoing encouragement and resources.


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