How to Mentor

Most women believe they are not qualified to be a mentor!  Not true!  If you love Jesus and have set your life to live by the Bible, then you are qualified to mentor. Think of it in terms of being a trusted counselor or guide, and if you are a disciple of Christ, you are more than qualified to do just that! We simply need to know “one more thing” in order to teach that thing.  For example, if we know John 3:16, we can turn to another and teach it.  It may be only one powerful verse, but from there we go back to our Bible and learn another verse so that we can teach another person.

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Mentoring is simply about doing real life together with real people, which mean we are transparent and humble while deferring glory to God as we live rooted in the Word. 

Mentoring is like a baton pass in a relay race involving generation to generation.

As one woman receives from the Lord, she, in turn, refreshes another who refreshes another.  Mentoring is extending out our hand, to their hand, to put it in God’s hand, who will, in turn, put it into another’s hand.

We know you might find the idea of being a mentor intimidating, which is why Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring Simplified is the perfect tool to help you grow in your faith while stepping into significant mentoring relations. Packed full of step-by-step instruction, relevant illustrations, and solid biblical teaching useful drawing on the principles of discipleship and the Titus 2 call.


Impact Mentor Training

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Impact Together will help you see your potential and purpose as not only as a mentor but as a woman of influence for the glory of God. Yes, your influence matters more than you could ever imagine, because God intends to use you to impact the next generation for His glory.

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Join our next Better Together Mentor Training Program or enroll in our self-paced Impact Mentor Training Program. Both will give you the insight, skill, and confidence you need to mentor simply and biblically.


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