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Become a More to Be Sisterhood Member to partner with us and gain resources that offer you a fresh encounter with God and His Word so that you can live transformed and impact this world with Kingdom hope. You’ll get:


Are you ready to be blessed and become a blessing?

Your participation in the Sisterhood enables the Gospel to go forth. For God’ s hope to prevail. For the promises from God’s Word to be proclaimed. Yes, you get to be a part of this ministry from behind the scenes in a way that makes all the difference!

At More to Be we’re committed to helping women have a fresh encounter with God and His Word, so that they may experience His radical transforming love and become who they are meant to be in Christ. 

If this mission reflects your heart, then the Sisterhood is for you.

And as our thank you for your one-time purchase, you’ll receive all sorts of gifts from us! 

More to Be Sisterhood Membership


By becoming a Sisterhood Member, you’ll be blessed with our signature resources, products, and services worth over $100, including:

  • Encounter God: Names & Attributes of God Bible Study Course
  • Coffee with the Coaches Replays
  • Library of Videos and Audio Messages
  • Scripture Printables
  • R.A.W. Scripture Calendars
  • Life Coaching Worksheets and Tools
  • Exclusive Discount Codes for Shop Resources
  • Exclusive Discount Codes for Coaching Packages
  • Exclusive Discounts for Featured Courses
  • When you join at the yearly membership fee of $79, you get a free Discovery Coaching Session!
  • You can also choose Basic Monthly Membership or the Strategic + Swag Membership {get the Discovery Coaching Session, Print, and Mug} options here.

To get your goodies, click “add to the cart” and go through the check out process.  You will receive a customer order/invoice from us. Click the “download” links to get access to your resources and your coupon codes!

Thank you, sister, for choosing to join us in helping women embrace a fresh encounter with God and His Word so that they can live transformed and impact this world with Kingdom hope.


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