Dating & Relationships Bundle


Would you like to be equipped to navigate every aspect of the dating, courting, and relationship discussion with your tween, teen, and twenty-something girls from a biblical and practical perspective?

Within this timeless bundle, you’ll find a guide for moms/mentors, one for tween/teen girls, plus 12 Questions for Navigating the Dating Discussion, you’ll be equipped to invest purposefully in the next generation.

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Is your tween or teen beginning to show interest in dating? Have you thought about the boundaries you’d like to set and the kind of expectations that need to be made clear?

After 18 years of working with teenagers, I realized that dating isn’t about being a certain age or in a certain grade.

The “right time” depends on a child’s personality, their willingness to be open to parental (and other adults) accountability, and whether they are in a place of maturity that’s necessary for ups and downs dating.  

If you desire to engage the hearts and minds of your girls (and even sons) around a topic that will inevitably come up in their life, then this resource collection will equip you to speak truth into their lives with grace and confidence

Dating & Relationships Guide Resource Bundle


The Dating & Relationship Bundle is specially designed to equip moms, mentors, and youth leaders to navigate the topic of dating and building godly relationships in preparation for marriage with tween, teen, or twenty-something girls. The Mom & Mentor Guide can easily be adapted for use with boys as well.

Included in this Bundle

Dating & Relationship Guide for Moms and Mentors, and Youth Leaders

Dating and Relationships for Tweens and TeensThe guide covers every aspect of dating, courting, and relationship from a biblical and practical perspective. You’ll find information for covering the material as a one, two, or four-part study as well as how to use it as a conversation starter for mentoring relationship or as a topical discussion guide for an ETC mentoring group.

With the combination of application questions and illustration ideas, this guide is a timeless resource ready for you to invest purposefully in the next generation.

Dating & Relationship Guide for Tweens, Teens and 20-Somethings

Most girls want to know how to have fun dating without regret. Some want to know if God approves of dating. Others want to know how far is too far, sexually speaking. And just about every girl want to know how to find the right guy! These concerns are valid and worth finding the answers!

This Dating and Relationships resource is packed with answers to the most common relationship questions, providing hope and guidance for how to approach middle school, high school, and college relationships.

12 Questions to Help You Navigate the Dating DiscussionIt looks at God’s design for relationships, how to know if you’re interested in the right kind of guy, what to do and not do in a dating relationship, thoughts on considering the concept of courting, and how to break up well.

This resource is a perfect tool for engaging one-on-one and putting into the hands of a tween, teen, or 20-something gal.

12 Questions for Navigating the Dating Discussion

 In raising my daughters and son, the conversation about dating has come up at different ages depending on the maturity and the dynamics of their peer group. But with each, I’ve taken a Deuteronomy 6 approach to talking about what’s on their heart “in the moment” rather than trying to schedule the conversation.

Within this timeless bundle, you’ll be equipped to invest purposefully in the next generation.


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