ETC Mentoring

ETC Mentoring is a simple, organic, and well thought-out method for equipping women to step into significant biblical mentoring roles with the next generation.

ETC. Mentoring, which began as Evening Tea & Chat gatherings for teenage girls in real life, has grown to encompass more than teens and times other than evenings around the world. ETC  now stands for Everything (Goes) Tea & Chat, as the discussion topics, ages of the participants, and the time of the gathering can flex and form to fit the needs of those seeking to mentor and impact the next generation in light of God’s calling and provisions.

ETC Mentoring Gatherings

Begin Your Own ETC Mentoring Group

  • Partnership
    Find at least one Christian woman to partner with you in hosting and leading your mentoring ministry.  A group of two or three is ideal, but not necessary.
  • Location
    Pick a location, such as a home or church, for your gatherings.
  • Date & Time
    Set a bi-monthly date with a 2-hour commitment.
  • Invite Girls
    Invite Christian and non-Christian tweens, teens, or twenty-somethings from church, your community, or amongst your daughter’s friends.
  • Tea
    Provide lots of hot water and a collection of tea bags for the girls to grab upon their arrival.
  • Index Cards
    Also have on hand a stack of index cards, pens, and a small basket.
  • Topics & Truth
    Pick a resource from the Shop to print out for yourself and the group.  Work through the topic in about 10 -15 minutes, teaching the main points.  You may also purchase the guides, which are full of illustration ideas, questions, and tips.
  • Q&A Time
    While the topic is being taught, invite the girls to write down questions — about anything — on index cards and toss them in a basket. Working with your ETC. partner, for the next forty minutes, take turns answering their questions with a Scripture reference in the context of life application.  Feel free to use a personal example, but remember that less is often more!  Also, make the most of our collection of Q&As. If you don’t know an answer, skip that question with a mention to follow up one-on-one.
  • Prayer
    Close the time in prayer, then encourage the girls to get a second cup of tea.
  • Authentic Relationships
    While the girls are relaxing and sipping tea, this is a wonderful time to be open for one-on-one conversations. The girls will trust you more and more over time!  Let the relationships grow naturally.  You can also invite other Christian women to attend ETC. and be available for this portion of the night.

ETC. is an awesome way to impact the next generation. We hope you’ll make the most of our resources and prayerfully consider beginning an ETC ministry.

Will you support to my group?

If you are considering launching a mentoring group utilizing the resources offered by More to Be, please do let us know. We would like to support your effort and cover you in prayer as your mentoring group launches. To register your group, complete the form below.  We love being able to hear what God is doing and are eager to offer you ongoing encouragement and resources.

Please note our disclaimer before proceeding with an ETC. group.

Register Your ETC Group

Whether you're in the praying and planning stage or well underway, we want to support you in your ETC Mentoring Ministry. Let us know you're interested in hearing from us by completing the form!
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