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Elisa Pulliam, Founder of More to Be

I'm here to coach you into clarity so that you can uncover your next steps forward.

With nearly a decade of serving as a certified coach, I've helped clients from around the word grow spiritually, experience life transformation, find life balance, define their purpose, launch ministries, grow businesses, improve relationships, and care wholeheartedly for their health.

Yes, all that can happen through coaching partnered with seeking God for clarity and strategies.

I'd love to help you next! Book a 45-minute Discovery Session to chat about your life today and pinpoint how you can take the next step forward!

Coaching Programs

customizable coaching programs to meet your needs

Customizable Coaching

Customizable Coaching Packages

Are you ready to finally experience the direction, purpose, and fulfillment you know you were meant for?

No matter how you find yourself stuck, the process of working with a coach can offer you the support and encouragement to move forward.

Coaching is designed to help you gain awareness, pinpoint obstacles, clarify vision, and determine solutions.

Through seeking God for direction and answers together, you'll be able to determine your best next step.

We can customize a coaching package that works exactly for you right now.

To get started right away, complete this form.

Sessions: three 45-minute online sessions

Fee: $225


Holy Wholeness Coaching Package

The Holy Whole Wellness Program is for Christian women seeking to care for their heart, mind, and body with wholehearted devotion to God.

The program focuses on pinpointing the beliefs that got you to this place and clarifying where you want to be in 3, 6 and 12 months from now. We will also strategize the steps you'll put in place to steward your whole life in wholehearted devotion to God.

Sessions: three 60-Minute Sessions, spaced one week apart plus two 30-minute sessions, spaced 30 days apart, for accountability.

Fee: $395

Holy Whole Coaching Package
Spiritual Direction Coaching

ALIGN Biblical Life Coaching Program

Are you feeling spiritually stuck? Maybe even dried up and distant from God?

This coaching program is designed to help you identify how you can align your life with God's best, so that you may find true delight and purpose in the life you have been given to live right now.

The program is divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Gain Clarity

  • Session 1: Pinpointing Your Obstacles
  • Session 2: Identifying Your Core Values & Beliefs
  • Session 3: Evaluating Your Time & Rhythms

Phase 2: Get Growing

  • Session 1: Discovering How You Connect Best with God
  • Session 2: Evaluating Your Relational Connectedness
  • Session 3: Defining Your Missional Mantra and Goals

You'll discover how to personalize the spiritual disciplines in a way that you'll be able to connect authentically with God and grow spiritually.

To get started right away, complete this form.

Sessions: six 45-minute online sessions

Fee: $225 per phase

Save $25 for paying for both at once.

Relationship Connection Program

with an equine-assisted coaching option

Do you feel like your relationships need some attention? Maybe within your family or ministry or workplace?

This coaching program is designed to help gain personal awareness, improve your communication skills, and develop healthier connections with others.

This particular program has been developed with a Natural Lifemanship approach using trauma-focused equine-assisted psychotherapy model. This approach is steeped in brain development science and communication skills, equipping you to understand how to grow personally and relationally, even in difficult situations.


Online Coaching (without horses)

Sessions: four 45-minute online sessions

Fee: $299 per person

Online PLUS Equine-Assisted Coaching at the Farm 


Sessions: one 60-minute online session, three hours at the farm, 60-minute online follow-up session

Fee: $495 per person

GROUP - Couple or Parent/Child

Sessions: one 60-minute online session, four hours at the farm, 60-minute online follow-up session

Fee: $725 per couple or parent/child

LEADERSHIP TEAM - four people

Sessions: one 90-minute online session, four to six hours at the farm, 90-minute online follow-up session

Fee: starting at $1195 for teams of four

Learn more about equine-assisted coaching, click here

Relationship Connection

Business and Ministry Focus

Coaches • Entrepreneurs • Writers • Bloggers • Speakers • Ministry Leaders

Ignite Intensive

IGNITE Intensive for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Writers,  Speakers, and Ministry Leaders

Would you like to discover the next steps to create sustainable growth for your ministry, business, public platform, or private practice?

This coaching plus consulting intensive is designed to help you gain clarity and specific action steps for sustainable growth. You will:

  • identify your overall brand missional marketing plan
  • pinpoint your the pain point for your client/customer/reader
  • develop a strategy to grow your niche
  • establish a social media and content calendar
  • brainstorm networking opportunities
  • creating a beautiful website presence

It includes the Ignite Missional Marketing Course.

Ask about the optional add-ons of website design and social media creation and brand strategy.

Sessions: seven 60-minute sessions or a one or two-day intensive plus one follow-up session

Fee: $1295

Coach2Coach Program

Are you a life coach ready to discover how to launch your business and grow it successfully?

The Coach2Coach Program provides certified life coaches the opportunity to create a clear vision for their coaching business or ministry along with providing a fabulous foundation on which to launch and grow.

Through this program, you will:

  • gain clarity and vision for who you want to serve 
  • pinpoint what problem you want to solve for your client
  • decide how you want to serve them (packages and services)
  • determine where you’re going to find your clients
  • strategize how you’re going to get your services out there

Sessionsthree 60-minute sessions and four 30-minute sessions



College and Career Assessment Coaching

Highlands Ability Battery

College and Career Assessment and Transitions Coaching

9th through 12th grade students • college students • adults

Would you like to help your teen find the best college and career choice for the way God made them?

Would it help to have concrete information offering insight into your own God-given wiring as well as the types of environments that you are best suited?

The Highlands Ability Battery measures 19 different abilities — such as how you solve problems, whether you like to work with a team, how long you want to work on a project —  that lead to work-type profiles. Those profiles connect to a database of career options and the colleges, universities, and schools that offer the proper degree and certifications.

Sessions: one 30-minute pre-HAB session and one 60-minute post-HAB feedback session plus the HAB assessment

Fee: $295 student / $395 adult

What Others Are Saying


Esther Littlefield

Esther Littlefield Find Your Direction with Coaching

learn more

If you’re really having trouble making decisions or determining where you should be spending your time, a life coach might be a good option to help you find balance and direction. I’ve worked with Elisa Pulliam and I’ve been so blessed by her guidance and encouragement. ~ Esther Littlefield, Speaker and Writer at, and Owner of

Cherie Zack

Cherie Zack Coach Training that Takes You Deeper

learn more

Elisa gave us more than just content, as she shared life lessons to help us gain a deeper understanding regarding the impact we were going to have on our clients as life coaches. Those lessons drew me closer to God. I encourage you to jump fully into the life coach training course. You will not regret! ~ Cherie Zack, Certified Biblical Counselor and Life Coach at


Margie Life Coaching was My Turning Point

learn more

Life coaching was an absolute turning point in my life. Within 3 sessions, I had taken the Highlands Battery test, narrowed down and identified my goals, and signed up for college classes. Six months later, I moved to Denver, Colorado and I'm living the life I longed for . . . I am living my best life. I would not be here without the God-given wisdom that Elisa shared with me.

Mary O'Connor

Mary O'Connor Riveted by Elisa's Testimony

learn more

We invited Lisa to be the featured speaker for a large group of women at our Christmas brunch. Her message was spot-on. The women were riveted by her testimony and taken in as she opened the Word of God. Lisa came to speak, but in every way, she really came to serve. - Mary O'Connor, Island Christian Church

Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae A Gift to Organizationally Challenged Writers

learn more

What a gift Elisa is to us organizationally challenged writers! I am so grateful for her, her expertise, her wisdom, her guidance, and her thoughtful ability to help me gain clarity for my message. I highly recommend her as a writing coach! ~ Sarah Mae, coauthor of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe and more at

Deborah Beddoe

Deborah Beddoe Coaching Made ALL the Difference

learn more

In just five weeks, Elisa helped me refine my purpose and tackle a big to-do list for my website. I set up a subscriber list, added a lead magnet, released a 59-page ebook, and entered a writing competition . . . and won! I'm so grateful for the encouragement. It was worth the investment. - Deborah Beddoe, writer at



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