Finding True Friends


Friendship is a great blessing. Friends provide companionship unlike anything else. Great friends can come from all circumstances and all walks of life. Having a variety of people around you keeps life interesting.

Though our network of friends may be large, our closest friends should reflect our values and beliefs.

Our “true” friends should be brothers and sisters in Christ who spur us on to love one another deeply and to grow even closer to Jesus. They should support our decisions that will honor God and steer us away from those choices that would be detrimental to ourselves or others.


How to Find a True Friend

But how do you find a true friend?

If you are having difficulty finding true Christian friends, I suggest these things:

FIRST:  Ask God to bring you friends strong in their faith.

I have often done this at times when I particularly needed people who would help mold my character by their words and actions so  I could grow closer to Him.

SECOND:  Ask God to bring into your life people with shared experiences, so you can discuss common ground. 

People with more life experience allow you to gain from their wisdom.

THIRD:  Attend a local youth group.

It is true that there are kids who go to youth groups and church who are not sincere in their faith, but trust that God will direct you to those who are passionate and authentic about their faith.

Proverbs 13:20 NIV

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

FOURTH:  Finally, remember not all friends have to be in your age group.

I do have many friends who are around my age, but I also tend to gravitate toward women much older than I am.  I also have close friends who are much younger. Someone can still be a close friend even if they aren’t in your age group.

Friendship is a blessing and a gift.  God can send people in to our lives to bless us, grow us, and comfort us.

What lessons have you learned about making friends that you’d like to share with us?



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