Brenda Rodgers is the wife to a heart-transplant hero and the mama of two little girl miracles. She lives in Georgia where she enjoys southern culture and her home built in 1900. She writes at about being a girl-mom, mentoring young women, and life in the south. Her hope is to use her personal life experiences to show other people Jesus. Brenda would love to connect with you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

How do you believe when my prayers aren't answered?

How Do I Believe When My Prayers Aren’t Answered?

I’ve been praying certain prayers for years. Prayers for healing, prayers for salvation, and prayers for protection. Prayers I feel certain God desires, too, but prayers He hasn’t answered yet. If we were to take a survey of people who abandon their faith, I bet unanswered prayers would be a top reason. There was a crisis and people prayed, crying out to God, but their prayers seemed to fall on deaf ears. There was no answer, or the answer was not the one expected, and people lost belief as a result. There is no easy answer to why God answers some prayers…

What Should I Do When I Doubt God?

What Should I Do When I Doubt God?

One time I wanted something more than I wanted anything else in life. But it never came. So I waited. And waited. And waited. Still nothing. Meanwhile, all of my friends got what I wanted. I begged God to hear me, to answer my prayers and give me my heart’s desire. Years went by, but He didn’t give it to me. This is when I decided I was no longer waiting. I was going to get what I wanted no matter the cost, and I set out to do just that. After two years of pursuing my desire in my…

14 Bible Verses to Help Our Daughters Overcome Boasting

14 Bible Verses to Help Our Daughters Overcome Boasting

“I’m prettier than she is!”  “I’m the best at that!”  “I’m better!” These bold statements are a pattern for my four-year-old daughter. Every day for the past several weeks, she has verbalized her belief that she is prettier and better than everyone around her. At first I didn’t know what to say or do. It seemed odd that at such an early age my daughter was struggling with boasting. But I wanted to use this as an opportunity to teach her a heart lesson about boasting from God’s perspective. As adults we rarely, if ever, say out loud that we are prettier, smarter,…

Why Regrets are a Good Thing

Why Regrets in Your Life are a Good Thing

We often seek advice on how to live a life with no regrets. Our intentions are good. After all, who wants a life full of regrets? The intentions of the advice-givers are good, too. No one wants to see others make the same mistakes they made. However, regrets in life are inevitable, and I want to make the case that they’re actually a good thing.   You Can’t Escape Having Regrets As much as we seek to live a life without regrets, it’s a futile goal. I remember being in my mid-twenties and thinking, “Wow, I really can’t say that I have any…

When You're Plain Worn Out From Trying to Keep Up

When You’re Plain Worn Out From Trying to Keep Up

Here’s the thing. I have amazing friends. Some “real” and some virtual, but nevertheless, they’re amazing. And they’re doing amazing things. I have a friend who’s adopting a child. Another one took her four young children on a mission trip. Another is fostering. Then there’s my friend who is 41 years old, pregnant with her fourth baby, and homeschools her oldest children. My one friend is the kind of friend every woman needs. She never forgets my birthday and brings me dinner on random nights just because “the recipe made too much.” Never have I thought of taking my unneeded food…


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