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It is amazing what can happen in your life when you get to process your thoughts and feelings . . .

without judgment . . . without being rushed . . . without another opinion influencing your decision . . .

Coaching provides you with an emotionally safe space and dedicated support to help you gain clarity and make decisions that line up with God's best for your life.

Through our network of More to Be coaches, you can experience this gift . . . really this freedom . . . by choosing to work with a coach that fits with your schedule, budget, and area of focus.

All More to Be Coaches have been trained through our founder, Elisa Pulliam, and received their certification through Life Breakthrough Academy.

Once you book your consultation session, you'll get to work exclusively with that coach as she customizes a program that best meets your needs.

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You get to pick your coach or pick your available time and be matched with a coach! Whatever works best for you!

Together with your coach, you will determine the best focus and commitment level to fit with your budget.

If you can't find an appointment that works with your schedule, feel free to reach out to request an after-hours appointment (scroll down a bit).

You might be wondering about the fee?  We find that since coaching is a growth investment, this commitment is a small step that will hold you accountable and move towards a great outcome.

More to Be

Partner Coaches

All More to Be Coaches are trained by Elisa Pulliam, founder of More to Be, and certified through Life Breakthrough Academy. They each bring you a commitment to biblical principles, a love of God, and a passion to help you grow and uncover His best for your life.

Elisa Pulliam

Elisa Pulliam

Trauma-Informed • Equine-Assisted • Life Change

Spiritual Growth • Leadership • Entrepreneurs

College & Career • Writers & Speakers 

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Meet Elisa

As a biblically-focused trauma-informed coach, Lisa is gifted at helping you understand how you've been made by God for a purpose, shaped by your experiences, and how you can align your life with God's best as you move forward. She is especially passionate about helping you find healing of your mind, heart, and body so that you may live with joy and peace in any and every situation.

In addition to being a certified coach for nearly a decade, she is also completing training to become a trauma-informed equine-assisted coach (yes, coaching with horses) and is also in process of becoming a clinical counselor. As a certified Highlands Ability Battery consultant, she has access to one of the most effective assessments available to help you gain awareness about strengths, personality, learning style, and relational style.

Elisa founded More to Be in 2010 as an overflow of her real-life ministry mentoring teenage girls for more than 15 years at a boarding school. She has been coaching since 2011 and training coaches through since 2012. Her passion is to see women pinpoint their mindset obstacles and strategize practical steps for moving forward according to God's plan for their lives as a result of what she's experienced for herself, overcoming childhood abuse and living years apart from the love of God. Each day, she seeks to savor time with Jesus, enjoy the simple things with her family, and, as a recovering workaholic, devoting as much time to rest as to productivity.

Carly Webber

Carly Webber

Divorce • Special Needs • Adoption

Foster Care • Relationships

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Meet Carly

Life thrown you a curveball? Me too. In the span of a year, I found myself divorced and raising children with special needs. It left me feeling like I was sitting on the sidelines while everyone else lived on. I struggled to figure out where I fit now, both in life and in church. But I’ve discovered there is joy and good, even on the sidelines, and I want you to know it too.

Whether you are feeling emotionally or practically stuck, I would love to help you discover hope and joy again, wherever life’s circumstances have taken you.

I am remarried now with an additional little bundle, bringing my total to four children. One of which is adopted. I love adoption and foster care and helping walk families through that process as well.

I am a creative empath at heart and enjoy spending my free time visiting with a friend, or on whatever creative outlet is my current fav including photography, knitting, and home decorating. If there is one thing the last several years has taught me, it’s that God wasn’t finished with me and I’m certain he isn’t finished with you either.

Learn more about Carly at

Perry Ashley

Perry Ashley

   Empty Nest • Retirement •  Life Transitions • Purpose • Alignment

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Meet Perry

Perry's passion is to help mature women embrace their season of life and become the best version of themselves through discovering how God uniquely designed them by examining their values, strengths and gifts.

Walking people through where they currently are, seeing where they want to go, identifying and overcoming obstacles and establishing an action plan is not new for Perry. She has converted these skills developed over the past 26 years of being a physical therapist to her life coaching career. She sees that no matter what age we are or what season of life we find ourselves, we have value and have so much to offer. Having gone through several major life changes, she understands how women can feel lost (whether in identity, purpose or direction), but also understands how to get through their circumstances and to truly live an intentional and impactful life again.

Ultimately, Perry envisions a world full of women in their second half of life who have rediscovered themselves, rejuvenated their dreams and transformed their with purpose, passion and peace.

Perry is a wife, a mother of three and is active in her church and other mission work. As a life-long learner, she not only enjoys reading and discovering new truths, she seeks respite in the outdoors by camping, boating, backpacking and participating in wilderness adventures.  Connect with Perry at

Dawn Sadler

Dawn Sadler

Spiritual & Relationship Growth • Surviving Divorce

Identity in Christ • Life Changes

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Meet Dawn

Unexpected life changes? I've been there multiple times. My life has taken many unexpected paths, including a complicated marriage of 30 years that ended in a heartbreaking divorce. 


Yet amid the unplanned pit stops, the Lord has drawn me into a deeper relationship with Him. 


I understand how easy it is to fall into a pit that's hard to crawl out of, yet God always pulled me out.  I'm passionate about leading women through the Bible as they walk through the difficulties life brings to climb out pits down a new path where the Lord leads.


LaVonda McCullough

Spiritual Growth • Identity in Christ • Relationships

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Meet LaVonda

Are you seeking God’s divine purpose for your life? LaVonda is a spiritual leader, mentor, and coach specializing in women empowerment with a Christian-based approach. She is passionate about serving women who are seeking to discover their God-given purpose.  She has coached countless women to complete freedom, through the Christian discipline of a Daily Quiet Time.

As the founder of Joyful Journey Women’s Ministry, LaVonda enjoys hosting her annual RefresHER retreat. The retreat offers women the opportunity to experience how to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, develop an intimate relationship with God and experience their own divine encounter ~ mind, body, and soul.

LaVonda has experienced shame, trauma, loss, and depression. She offers a deeper understanding of healing through prayer and forgiveness.  A recovering perfectionist, she is determined to teach others about the love of Jesus through Bible Study and Prayer Walks.

She has a Doctorate of Divinity from the University of Southern Indiana and serves as an Overseer for Shebach International Fellowship of Churches. She is pursuing her Biblical Life Coaching Certification from Life Breakthrough Academy.

Originally from North Carolina, LaVonda has traveled throughout Europe and Africa speaking about healing through the power of prayer and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  She lives in Germany where she shares her life with her husband, Micah of 29 years, their twin High School Seniors, and their West-highland terrier.  

You may learn more about LaVonda @

Kristen Humiston

Kristen Humiston

Ministry Wives • Life Transitions •  Relationships

Identity • Small Business Start-Ups

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Meet Kristen

Kristen focuses her passion to speak life into women through coaching ministry wives of all stages and ages. She helps them to release their burdens and identify their expectations in order to live the joy-filled life they know is available through Christ.

She wants ministry wives everywhere to know and experience that they are deeply loved for who they are (not what they do/ don't do), they are seen, and they are heard by a loving Savior.

Growing up in a pastor's home, Kristen considered it to be a joy and often thought she'd marry a pastor. She loved leading serving and leading women of all ages, but she most enjoyed serving and training other ministry wives throughout the years. At some point, she began to experience the drain (and eventually resentment and bitterness) to which working without boundaries and surrendering her own expectations and plans will always lead.

Aside from ministry life, Kristen and her husband, Jason, are continually seeking God's wisdom to raise 6 busy and growing children, ages 4 - 16. When not busy with all the "mom things," you can find her sitting at the piano putting the Psalms together with tunes she likes to create or reading a good book.

Jennifer Booth

Jennifer Booth

Time Management • Passion & Purpose

Values • Home Organization

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is passionate about coming alongside overwhelmed women of all ages who are tired of wasting time and are ready to conquer the chaos in their lives. She does this by helping them to discover real purpose, develop real plans, and delight in real peace.

As a recovering perfectionist, Jennifer is determined to break free from unrealistic expectations by spending time with God through prayer and Bible study. She also creates systems that work, so she's not constantly falling behind on responsibilities and commitments.

Jennifer believes that having a time management plan that takes into account all the tasks and projects that need to be completed relieves the pressure of taking on too much and knowing what really needs to be done. She'd love to help you figure out your own system for managing your time. 

Learn more about Jennifer at

Leisa Short

Leisa Short

Identity • Boundaries • Forgiveness • Spiritual Growth

Life Transitions • Purpose

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Meet Leisa

Leisa helps women evaluate their expectations in light of God's love and amazing grace. She is passionate about coaching women who find themselves lost in the expectations of others, the world, and their own personal expectations. Through focusing on God’s plan for their lives, she inspires her clients to see themselves through God’s eyes according to His Word.

Leisa is a retired nurse who has experienced many struggles over the years, both emotionally and physically. She is grateful others have come alongside her to listen and ask the right questions, enabling her to find her “Ah-Ha” moment. She believes that God is good and He is faithful, we just have to come to Him. She would consider it a privilege to help you reach your “Ah Ha” moment.

She has been married for 42 years, with two grown daughters and six grand angels. She was born and raised in southern California and currently lives on the Oregon Coast. She volunteers for the reading program at the elementary school and loves fellowshipping and studying the Word with her sisters in Christ.

Lauren Blackburn

Lauren Blackburn

Life Transitions • Financial Peace • Vision Formation • Transformational Prayer Ministry • Biblical Coaching for Life Issues

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Meet Lauren

Lauren is passionate about helping you form and move toward a vision that will energize you and lead you into God's best for your life. She also has extensive experience in the financial and corporate world with coaching to help you reach a financially free mindset. Utilizing both practical strategies and spiritually transformative prayer, she believes you can get unstuck and move toward God's unique plan for your future and for your "Now Moment."  

M2B Coach Directory

Grace Dewan

Passion & Purpose • Emotional Wholeness

Identity in Christ

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Meet Grace

Grace focuses her passion to help women overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and burnt-out by helping them rediscover the Lord’s amazing love and grace. She believes that God’s grace is sufficient and available to everyone and through his grace, they too can experience emotional and spiritual wholeness and discover his beautiful purpose for their lives.

More to Be

Member Coaches

Lanae Simpson

Lanae Simpson

Passion & Purpose • Values

Identity in Christ • Boundaries

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Meet Lanae

Lanae is passionate about coaching young individuals who feel stuck and unfulfilled to give them hope, direction, and clarity in who God has called them to be. After suffering life-changing back injuries following a car accident at age 16, she felt hopeless and alone. As a young mother of 2, she found herself lost in everyone’s expectations and had no idea who she was besides a full-time mother. She recently came across life coaching and once she realized she could coach alongside God’s word, she knew she was moving in the right direction. She had always imagined herself owning her own business but knew she wanted to serve others in a special way. She will help you discover your God-given purpose, passions, values, and set personal boundaries to reach your goals. Connect with Lanae at


Monajean Rose

Life Transitions • Physical Wellness • Adventures in Unknown • Relational and Spiritual Growth

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Meet Monajean

Changes, expected or not, Monajean is passionate about helping you find growth and “silver linings” in life transitions. She’s had a few unexpected changes in her own life.  An avid outdoor adventurer, she will help you journey toward physical wellness and explore your unknown territory. Trying something new can be scary but also empowering!   Growing in relationships, with others or with God, takes work. Monajean will encourage you and walk with you toward your goal. 
Melissa Mashburn

Melissa Mashburn

Ministry • Ministry Wives • Purpose & Passion

Second Half • Spiritual & Relational Growth

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Meet Melissa

Melissa is a southerner that has spent the majority of her life transplanted in the sunshine state. She’s a creative that loves the written word, connecting like-minded people, and encouraging unseen people, talents and possibilities. With a background in marketing and communications, Melissa has spent the last 18 years working in the local church serving on senior leadership making sure that everything is communicated clearly, consistently and concisely. She’s an author, speaker, certified life breakthrough coach, and mentor to women in ministry from all over the world.  

KImberly Dunham

Kimberly Dunham

Spiritual Growth Identity in Christ • Life Transitions • Surviving Trauma/Abuse • Co-Dependency & Boundaries

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Meet Kimberly

Kimberly enjoys helping women find peace, direction, and forgiveness on the other side of difficult life situations. Finding your healing and identity in Christ and joy in the Word equals victory by living your best life ever according to God’s plan for your life.

M2B Coach Directory (1)

Donna Rudd

Spiritual Growth & Transformation • Finding Contentment • Breakthrough through Emotional Barriers • Habit Changes

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Meet Donna

It is Donna's desire to see women walk in the fullness of who they are to be, using the giftings given along with the many experiences of life that make you stronger.

Donna has years of life experience, walking through grief after having two babies die, and then her husband's passing from a car accident at 38. But life had to go on, in spite of difficulties. Raising three sons as a single mom, she learned how to navigate life, not in her own strength, but by relying on God through it all. God brought solid relationships into her life that helped her through the rough times, and with some laughter along the way. Connect with Donna at

Gina Wright

Gina Wright

Life Transitions • Divorce • Spiritual Growth • Relationships

Passion & Purpose • Special Needs

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Meet Gina

Gina is a Life Breakthrough coach who has a passion to assist women in moving from a place of feeling "stuck"  or "surviving" to a place of "moving forward" or "thriving" Encouraging others is in the fabric of who Gina is!  She uses a Christian-based approach to help guide women find their true identity in Christ   She will help you define your vision and goals and help you come up with a strategic plan to work through your obstacles.  She is gifted at helping women walk through life transitions and through difficult situations.  Gina herself has faced difficult situations in her lifetime and is able to encourage & inspire others to find joy in the journey of changing directions.  When she is not coaching, she enjoys time with her children and enjoys a road trip with friends.  

Geri Thorne

Geri Thorne

Spiritual Growth • Transformation • Celebrate Recovery • Addictions

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Meet Geri

Geri is a grateful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who has a passion for sharing the hope and healing found through Jesus and His amazing grace. She considers it a great privilege to walk alongside women and see God transform their lives as they discover their worth and value as daughters of the King. Having a front-row seat to someone’s ah-ha moment is what brings a smile to her heart.

Geri is active as a leader in the ministry of Celebrate Recovery, a 12-step, Christ-centered recovery program for those looking for freedom from life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Celebrate Recovery provides a safe place for accountability and building authentic relationships.

Geri is the proud mom of 2 adult daughters and Gigi to her precious grandson.

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Elisa Pulliam

I'm often asked, "What does a coach actually do?"

It's a great question because I wasn't sure until I went through my coach training certification nearly a decade ago. I didn't realize that it was way more than cheerleading and had nothing to do with advice-giving.

I often compare coaching to what you experience when you go to a doctor's office. The nurse's job is to make you feel comfortable and gather all the necessary information for the doctor. Meanwhile, the doctor's job is to diagnose your problem and give you the course of treatment. As a coach, I function like the nurse and the doctor is your Creator God, who knows you best of all.

God is the One who has everything you need and through the work of the Holy Spirit can lead you in the right direction.

I help you get ready to hear from God and spur you on to keep going back to Him until you get the answer you're looking for.

Whether you're seeking to get unstuck or explore new opportunities, build a new ministry or launch a new business, a transition to a new career or move towards a dream, it is my privilege to serve as your coach.

I understand what it feels like to be stuck and overwhelmed. I'm here to help you feel heard, seen, and supported as you pursue your God-designed life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is more than merely having a conversation. It's about strategizing your best next steps forward through gaining awareness, pinpointing obstacles, clarifying vision, and identifying solutions.

Is this Christian-Based?

Yes, and no. I am a Christian and would be honored to pray for you and offer a biblical perspective as we coach. However, this experience is about you. I can coach you without speaking about my faith.

What is the time commitment?

Session length and frequency of appointments will be discussed with your coach, as packages are customized to your needs.

Where do we meet?

Check with your coach to see how she would like to meet with you.

How much will this cost?

Coaching packages typically start at $249 for three 45-minute sessions.

How do I know this will work?

That's a great question. I wouldn't still be coaching for nearly a decade if it didn't work nor train hundreds of coaches over the last six years. However, what I've come to see is that coaching works if you're willing to invest in the process, show up prepared, and put into action your ah-ha.


We're here to help you!


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