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Infuse Life Transformation Course

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Trapped by the obstacles looming in front of you? Longing to grow deeper in your faith? Wishing God would meet your right where you are, and infuse your life with renewed purpose and passion?

While you might feel like “as is” best describes your life, I know personally that God intends more for you. He changed me from the inside out and changed my legacy . . . not overnight but over the long-haul . . . and I’m certain He wants to do the same for you.

God didn’t make us “as is.”

But He won’t change us just because we want it. He invites us to step into that transformation process with Him.

Friend, I am convinced that God wants us to live from a place of soul-strength that comes through a fresh encounter with Him, His Word, and clarity about our life purpose.

His desire for us to grow spiritually, with an understanding of our worth, is not only for our sake but also for the impact of our legacy on the next generation. Think about it this way: In the same way, the airline steward insists that a mother put on her oxygen mask first, before helping her child, we have to take care of ourselves in order to be able to serve those God has put in our charge. But this isn’t just about motherhood and family legacies. This is about our place in the family of God and our impact in this world!

A redeemed, healed, and emotionally whole woman embracing a holy, purpose-filled life leaves a legacy of faith and impact.

Is that the testimony you want for yourself?

Whether you’ve been walking a faith road for many years or are just starting out . . .

Whether you’ve overcome your issues or are still battling through . . .

Whether you are absolutely stuck or have begun to see a clearing of margin space in your life . . .

Whether you’re tired out by a never-ending trial or just emerging into a new season filled with hope . . .

This course will meet you exactly where you are and enable to get to the next place God has for you, as you . . .

  • discover the ways God has been working in your life up to this point to prepare you for today
  • learn how to operate in your God-given personality, giftings, and learning style while being willing for God to use your weaknesses
  • embrace a schedule that is built from your customized, God-ordained priorities and values
  • pinpoint where to find margin space in your life and eliminate the chaos to find joy again
  • gain the courage to engage in healthy mentoring relationships
  • develop a routine for digging deep into a soul-strengthening relationship with God
  • craft a prayerful and purpose-filled vision for your life

About This Course

Infuse: A Soul-Strengthening, Life-Changing Encounter with God, is a Bible-based course steeped in life coaching principles.

The course is designed to help you press on in the life God has for you. Each of the five modules unpacks insights from Scriptures while setting the stage for a deeper understanding of the principles found in my book, Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change.

Meet the New You is the primary text for this course, so you’ll need a copy. But in addition to what you’ll find in the book, you’ll gain fresh new insights, practical resources, and encouragement to press on in this journey of becoming the woman God intended.

Available at Booksellers

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While Meet the New You is structured as a 21-day journey, it’s not necessarily a 21-day course. You may choose to focus on one module a week or turn each “day” from the book into a week. It’s self-paced and laced with grace!

Each of the five modules includes:

  • Video Introduction Steeped in Biblical Encouragement
  • Video Bible Teaching: A Fresh Encounter with a Woman in Scripture
  • Devotional Download: A Fresh Encounter with a Woman In Scripture (content not included in the book).
  • Scripture Download
  • Study Map Options (5-day plan versus 5-month)

In addition, the course includes these bonuses:

  • 15 Minute Rule
  • 21 Scripture Prayers
  • Restart Planner
  • Whole. Holy. Health. Stewardship

If you long for the support of a life coach and the kind of biblical teaching that will spur you on, then this course is for you.

This is the one thing that will help you find what you need.

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