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If you poke around our website for a bit, you’ll soon discover we’re passionate about equipping you with simple to use, Biblically-based resources. Originally created for use at ETC, these resources are the backbone of a mentoring gathering with tween, teen, or 20-something girls through providing solid teaching along with a valuable take-home gift.

Our downloads are great for leading a small group discussion or individual study. 

They also function as a tool for mothers who would like to glean wisdom on a particular topic in order to engage with their tween or teenage son or daughter with the truth in an encouraging and conversational way.

You can find all our resources in the Tool Shopand as a subscriber, you’ll get access to free resources each month.

If you have any questions please contact us at more (at) moretobe (.) com.


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  1. Patricia Hawkins

    Starting life over at 58 … still recovering from a fall with broken bones in my right foot an 2 surgeries later can put some weight on my foot. Anyway not in school now an need computer skills but interested in helping others possibly life coaching for I’m on SSI small check each month to live on

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