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You already know that the Lord has been taking me on a brave new journey, showing me that courage is rooted in courageous faith. I’ve been writing and sharing about jumping out in faith in my own life and even recently confessing another stronghold of fear over here.

As God stirs my heart to be a woman of courage, I’m discovering that this message about bravery isn’t only for me.

It is for my own son and daughters. And it is for me to challenge you, as moms. We have a special calling to inspire not only our sons, but also our daughters to live brave.  It is a process and journey, which God’s be gracious to give me the words to share with you how to take each faith step. You can download the free, Live Brave, resource here {and get some other goodies, too}.Live Brave

So come on over to the brand new MODsquad site, now called Mothers of Daughters, to read more about living brave and inspiring your girls to do the same! So head on over and see what my dear friend, Stacey Thacker, has been up to, making MOD a place for you to grow in your faith and equip you as a mom of girls.


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