Embracing Your Value as a Mentor & Mom

Do you need a fresh reminder about your value as mentor?

Are you struggling to see where your investment is worth the return, especially as you serve without much feedback or acknowledgement?

Well, you’re not alone in feeling that way! But you don’t need to stay in that defeated place, either!Embrace Your Value as Mentor & Mom


Fix yourself a cup of tea and sit down for a few minutes to soak in this short message.  You’ll hear me confess my own struggle with doubting my role as a mentor and yet, through a sweet situation, God reminds me of a what it means to have an eternal perspective.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odtyF2j9M_8]

click here to view this short video message 

1 thought on “Embracing Your Value as a Mentor & Mom”

  1. Thank you Lisa, that was so encouraging to me personally. Your transparency is a beautiful blessing 🙂 By the way love the etc plaque on the desk.

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