Relevant Reads for Moms of Teens & Teen Girls

Relevant Reads

Do you know that experience when you read that one sentence and it changes your thinking entirely?

Or that moment in which a link to a post arrives in your inbox. . . and you can’t help but be distracted by it’s promising title and follow it’s trail through cyber space?

These relevant reads (shared below) captured our attention and transformed our thinking, as Romans 12:2 promises will happen when truth is embraced in exchanged for the lies we’ve been living. 

We hope they will do more than inspire you — we hope that they work through your heart and mind, turning over hardened parts so that God can grow something new in the soil of your heart and change your life through the working out of His Truth applied.


Especially for Moms

Is your girl drowning in busyness?

“We can’t hope for our girls to value silence, stillness, and Sabbath if they never see us doing the same.” from Erin Davis on her blog


Teens Desperately Need Help, and You’ve Got What It Takes!

“Do you ever feel like you don’t have a clue how to help the teens in your life? Maybe, like me, you think you need a crash course in counseling and culture and technology and teen speak and, well, a little of everything in order to help them!” – from Paula Hendricks on the True Woman Blog

10 Signs You Might Have a Need for Approval

“The craving for love isn’t, in itself, sinful. In fact, our need for love is God-created. But because of our sinful nature, present in every human since the Garden of Eden, we are tempted to feed our craving with the approval of man. It’s a form of idolatry—a “love idol,” if you will.” – from Jennifer Dukes Lee at Relevant Magazine


Living in a “Porn as the Norm” Culture

“We live in a pornographic culture. While dictionaries might define pornography as pictorial or literary renderings of obscene material related to the sex act, it is much broader than that. Pornography is anything the heart uses to find sexual expression outside of God’s intended design for relational intimacy. It is anything that tempts and corrupts the human heart into desiring sensual pleasure in sinful ways.” – from Harvest USA reprinted at

For Moms & Teen Girls


The Selfie Experiment

“I need constant reminders that I am not the axis upon which all things rotate. That role belongs to God . . . I tend to think that the world revolves around me.  God calls me to replace my obsession with self with an obsession with Him. God has a way of turning things upside down. The secret to feeling better about myself is to get over myself. It’s a quality the Bible defines as humility.” – from Erin Davis at The Lies We Believe Blog


What Taylor Swift Taught Me: Releasing the Role Models

“When I tip my head to look up at role models, I shouldn’t stop there. I should keep going, keep gazing up, up, up until I see my Jesus smiling at me, reminding me He gave me this blond addled brain for a reason, this honey-smile for a reason, this smallness that is often inconvenient…for a reason.” – from Rachelle Rae


Have you come across relevant reads recently?

Send us the link at more at moretobe dot com, and we’ll see about featuring it in our next Relevant Reads edition.

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