Learning How to Communicate with Your Teen

Have I ever told you that I often feel like I think more like a Millennial then my own generation?  I think that’s because  I’ve been immersed in their world for nearly two decades.

Living with teens at a boarding school for the last 17 years is certainly one reason I’m passionate about impact the next generation. I long to see moms (and dads) and mentors speak into their lives and reach their hearts, which is something I’ve learned how to do through experience and with the help of life life coach training. I really intended to use my coach training with women in a ministry context, but it has become a fabulous skill-set to use my parenting, especially with my own tween and teen, and in mentoring the teen girls in my community.

Through learning how to asking open-ended, thought-provoking questions, while actively listening to the heart, I’ve been able connect on a deeper level with next generation. 

That’s what I want to help you do, too. So how about I share with you a sneak-peek of what I’ve learned and how you can apply it in your relationship with your tweens and teens?

5 Questions to Help You Connect with Your Teens

Join me at The M.O.M. Initiative, where I am sharing on 5 Questions to Help You Connect with Your Teen.



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