Three Ways to Say “Yes” to Our Family

Let’s be honest, family time can be difficult. We all want to enjoy our family more. The problem is how to make that happen.

[Tweet “The good news about creating more intentional family time is this: it makes us want more of it.”]

It’s a win-win. Dividends can be gleaned from the tiniest investments of our time and planning. Often, it comes down to being willing to recognize even small opportunities for quality time together – and saying “yes” to them instead of “no” or “later.”

3 Ways to Say "Yes" to Family Time

3 Simple Ways to Say “Yes” to Family Time

Below are three simple ways we can say “yes” to time with family.


1. Yes…to making small tasks more meaningful.

Sure, we need to make dinner or fold laundry. We can sometimes use tasks as an excuse for why we can’t spend more time with our kids. But how about if we made our kids a part of those tasks? Even little ones can dump laundry detergent into the washer or match corners on towels. Working together, side by side, provides opportunities for talking and working out the day’s difficulties.

{Melinda} With my teens, instead of always sending them to clean their rooms alone, sometimes I’ll help them. It makes the task go faster and gives us time to talk. They also appreciate when I “go into the trenches” (or stenches, as the case may be!) with them.


2. Yes…to taking advantage of small pockets of time.

Those 10 minutes from our homes to soccer practice are golden. Keeping the radio off and other devices out of reach helps encourage talking and engaging, instead of jamming and texting.

{Kathy} A break from the distractions of noise and activity is fertile ground for good discussion. Kids know we are 100 percent available—even if it’s to just sit there with them and enjoy the quiet. First, they might complain about the lack of stimulation. Gradually, they learn to use it as a winding down time and they can begin to open up.

3. Yes…to planning a family activity rather than an individual one.

So many times as moms, we’re looking for “me” time. We need it! However, it’s just as important to plan “we” time. Participating in activities together inspires conversation, cooperation, and connection.

We both used to think that our children had to be excited about these activities all the time in order for them to be successful. Thankfully, we eventually realized that great bonding and memories can be made even when the activity’s objective fails miserably!

For example, that kayaking trip that was supposed to be a lazy jaunt down the river turned ugly with rain and soggy sandwiches. Ask the kids about it later and they will have more to say about it than the lovely picnic at the park that went perfectly.

Family game night ends up in a boxing match? Guaranteed that it will be something you look back at and laugh.


Where do you think you can say “yes” today with your kids?

When do you find small pockets of time to use throughout your day?

How can you be more intentional about family time?

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