{Download} Equipped: Helping Teen Girls Find Vision & Purpose

God has equipped each one of us to live this life on purpose!

You are not an accident or a mistake!

You are not a waste of a life! 

You’re more than enough!

God made you and wants to use you!

God wants to use each one of us for His amazing purposes!


Equipped: Helping Teens Girls Find Vision & Purpose

So why do we often feel totally inadequate and without purpose?

It’s because we are short-sighted and living without direction. We lack vision and forsake focus, as we respond to the next demand — the tyranny of the urgent! And we’re afraid . . .  afraid to plan, dream, hope in fear that what we put our sights upon may never come to be.

Well, let me propose another way of living.

It’s called embracing the fact that we are already equipped by God to live this life on purpose.

Yes, Equipped is the way I live intentionally, which I’ve put together in a workbook format to share with you — first for women over at elisapulliam.com, and last year I introduced a teen edition, which has been fully updated fresh for 2015 (see below)!

After years of being intentional about writing down my hopes and dreams in a prayerful, surrendered way, I realized it was worth turning this informal process into something customizable, because the reward has been so great!

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Each year end, I start praying about the next year, coming up with “one word” drawn from particular Scripture verses the Lord has laid on my heart.  I ask God to show me the lessons He wants to teach me in this season of life, and jot down short-term goals and priorities that lay the foundation for those Truths to be embraced.

Oh my word, the way my faith is stretched and deepened as I see God work and weave His purposes through my life!

That’s what I want for you! Can you imagine the impact we’ll have on this world if we lived liked we’ve been equipped by God for today!

So will you join in on this journey of discovering how God has equipped us to live life on purpose?


Equipped Worksheet

Inside the Equipped Workbook, TEEN Edition

This newly revised TEEN edition is compatible to the women’s version, is designed to . . .

  • help pinpoint a word or theme to focus on for the year ahead
  • consider how God made you to serve
  • explore what opportunities God may want you to pursue
  • set some short term goals for the year

It’s basically fun with purpose . . . or purpose with fun! The real delight comes in a year from now when you get to look back and see what God accomplished in you! Why wouldn’t you want to discover how you’re equipped by God for today and help the teen girls in your life discover do the same?


Equipped: Because You’ve Been Made to Live on Purpose


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If you’d like to get a copy of Equipped: Because You’ve Made to Live on Purpose for women, click here.




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